Do you want to Explore Metaphysical  Concepts with Others of Like-Mind in YOUR area?

This is a prime opportunity to host a gathering where together you can share ideas and EXPLORE All Things Metaphysical using Hyperspace/Oversoul Tools and Techniques as your foundation.

Send your contact info to Patricia with your details and make something happen in your area.  No need to be “A Lone” when we are “All One”.



St. Joseph/Benton Harbor Area

I am starting a  new “Expansions Quest Group” .

This is a group for individuals on a Quest of Self-Discovery & Exploration,  For those that want to know the truth of their life and circumstances and to move forward & surpass accordingly.

The “Quest Group”  will based on the work of Janet & Stewart Swerdlow, including their books “Decoding Your Life” & “Hyperspace Helper”.

The 1st meeting is this Sunday the 23rd at 6pm. (approx 2 hrs).

Suggested donation: $10.00.

Contact: Patricia



Just getting settled here but eager to meet others of like-minds. I am willing to host the group if you are willing to come.

Contact: Norma:



I’ve only been exploring Hyperspace/Oversoul Tools & Techniques for about 1 year, but I find my life is changing, I am finally getting answers to lifelong questions, and finding out who I am for the first time in my life.  Looking for others  who want to share results of their own Hyerspace/Oversoul work and explore paranormal/metaphysical topics.

Contact: Heather:


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