Mentoring Package

SAVE BIG by getting a “MENTORING PACKAGE” to keep you going through the entire year:
Get Personal, Ongoing Support & Feedback on your Daily Work from Janet & Stewart. Email, phone and Skype sessions available.
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What’s going on in your Personal World?

Wouldn’t it be great to get Regular Feedback and Interpretations on your Personal Hyperspace/Oversoul work?

Determine “right now” what’s working well and what needs to be refined or redirected!

YOU Choose your dates, time, and topics YOU want covered:

Relationships; Career; Finances; Health

Spiritual Connections & Growth

Dreams; Programming/Deprogramming; Visualizations

Simultaneous Existences; Personalized Exercises

You name it because it’s YOUR time

Enhance your Personal Work with regular feedback!

Purchase 5 consultations    receive 1 FREE consultation of the same time frame

Member Discounts Apply.  Must be used within 12 months of purchase. 


 Mentoring With Stewart and/or Janet
   (5) 30 minutes Consultations PLUS 1 FREE = (6) 30 Minute Consultations ONLY $755.00
   (5) 60 minutes Consultations PLUS 1 FREE = (6) 60 Minute Consultations ONLY $1475.00
   (5) 90 minutes Consultations PLUS 1 FREE = (6) 90 Minute Consultations ONLY $1970.00
   (5) 2-Hours Consultations PLUS 1 FREE = (6) 2-Hours Consultations ONLY $2465.00


Bump YOUR Mentoring Package up to the “WOW” Level!

This Packages gives you the opportunity to state how long and how soon you schedule your Personal Time with Janet and Stewart. You can schedule with either Janet or Stewart at any time.

You are moved to the “head of the line” whenever you want to schedule, contingent on Janet and Stewart’s travel itineraries. However it is highly suggested that you schedule at least 10 days before your desired appointment date.

PLUS…URGENT SERVICES….When you need help NOW…Simply use 60 minutes for a 30 minute consultation, 90 minutes for a 45 minute consultation, 120 minutes for a 60 minute consultation, and Janet or Stewart will do their best as possible to rearrange their current schedule to get you in IMMEDIATELY.

WOW! You need support to find your way and here it is, ready and waiting. Janet and Stewart will work you into their schedules when you need them.

No more waiting unless absolutely necessary based upon their previous schedules. Move your Self to the “head of the line” with your very own, exclusive “WOW!” Package.

All WOW! Packages must be used within 18 months of purchase.

Member Discounts Apply!

WOW Mentoring With Stewart and/or Janet
   (WOW1) 900 minutes ONLY $3653
   (WOW2) 1440 minutes = 24 Hours! ONLY $5876

Bump YOUR Mentoring Package up to the “WOW” Level!


  1. 5 out of 5


    I’ve been using the Mentoring Package since I first started working with Janet/Stewart. I love this option because it allows me to set aside some funds to invest in myself, my health and wellbeing. It’s been a key tool I use, along with actively participating in Janet’s blog and the study guides that help me to focus in on my self healing. Janet and Stewart know how to help me make sense of my world. I’ve had wonderful results with my self healing and am so grateful to both of them for their support, guidance and expertise. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my lifetime. Thank you – you’ve helped me to change my world and my life in so many ways.

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