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These Archetype Cards are great mind-pattern enhancers. Allow the energy of the archetypes to permeate your cellular structure, mind-pattern, and your surroundings.

Our Archetype Cards are sturdy, laminated cards with rounded corners. They are business card size which is great for tucking in your pillow or purse. These cards focus specific nonphysical frequencies into the physical to enhance your ability to manifest positive changes and improvements in all circumstances. With these cards in your possession, you immediately feel the frequencies change to your benefit. Small Archetype Cards are business card size, and come in the following frequencies:

  • Air: Understand breath of life
  • Ankh T-Bar: Celtic, Native American and Middle Eastern Genetics
  • Bear Frequency: Increases protective nature; enhances introversion for self-study; best for males
  • Breasts: Enhances healthy breasts for Men and Women
  • Cancellation: Removes anything unwanted
  • Chakra System: Proper chakra band sequences, colors, and placement
  • Communication: Speaking up as appropriate
  • Crown Chakra: filters incoming nonphysical communication
  • Dolphin Frequency: Eases mental shifting into hyperspace
  • Dragon, Winged, White: Helps access the foundational levels of your core personality
  • Earth: Grounding and balancing
  • Emotional Balance/Upper Case T-Bar: Obtains healthy emotional balance
  • Expansion: Increases and expands goals and desires
  • Female Orgasm: Removes female frigidity; increase sexual responsiveness
  • Fire: Purifies
  • God-Mind: All That Is
  • Green Psychic Flush: Helps you move your personal energy through your physical body to correct, balance and heal
  • Happiness: Establishes happiness
  • Individualized Consciousness: Helps you rise out of the Group-Mind into Your Own Connection with your Oversoul and God-Mind
  • Lake: Sets and maintains emotional boundaries
  • Leadership: Installs Self-Leadership
  • Lion Frequency: Increases your direct awareness to God-Mind power
  • Lion, Winged, White: Helps connect directly to God-Mind
  • Logos Christos: Healing generator on specific body locations
  • Lower Case t-bar: Balance
  • Male Orgasm: Removes impotence; increases virility
  • Maltest/Magdelene Cross: Use to access and open genetics for that time period
  • Mental Balance: Creates mental balance in all areas
  • Merge w/Aspects of Alternate Self in Other Realities: Bring current goals to fruition by merging with your Self in the Eternal Now
  • Merged Dragon, Winged, White/ Lion , Winged White:
  • New Beginnings: Start new projects, relationships, health, finances
  • Octahedron, Violet: Delta-T antenna
  • Overall Healing: Heals body, mind, and soul
  • Oversoul: Your Point of Origin out of the God-Mind
  • Perfection / Manifestation / Creation: Projection from the Mind to Create
  • Pi, Violet: Use to unlock information hidden in your DNA; deprogramming
  • Power: Increases personal power via your mental abilities
  • Pregnancy: Increases fertility; maintain healthy pregnancy
  • Pregnancy Prevention: Cancels your fertility
  • Pyramid Cone: Releasing Dark Red Frequencies
  • Pyramid, 3-sided, Violet: Aids mental
  • Pyramid, 4-sided, Violet: Aids physical
  • Rejuvenation: Enhances mental, emotional, spiritual and physical rejuvenation
  • Relationships: Improves and enhances people connections
  • Release & Resolve Past Issues: Cleans out what you no longer need
  • Reptilian Brain Stem, Golden Brown: Balances the Reptilian brain stem; deprogramming
  • Scorpion Frequency: physical self-defense; deprogramming
  • Sea Serpent: Helps navigate deep emotions
  • Self-Integration: Brown Merger Archetype; merges all parts of Self into one; great deprogramming aid
  • Sky: Elevates Self to higher perspectives
  • Smoke: Can be used to hide things; method of communication
  • Spiritual & Intuition Connection: Improves conscious connection with your Oversoul and God-Mind
  • Ultimate Protection: Protects whatever you desire
  • Water: Emotions without boundaries; cleansing
  • Wealth & Prosperity: Increases finances
  • Wisdom: Enhances your correct use of knowledge
  • Wolf Frequency: Enhances family relationships

All small cards are only $11.60 each!

Complete Set – $638.


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These Archetype Cards are great mind-pattern enhancers. Allow the energy of the archetypes to permeate your cellular structure, mind-pattern, and your surroundings.

1 review for Small Archetype Cards

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    These cards are awesome! I am always looking to see what new ones come out. I use them for the radionics box, under my pillow, as queue cards during my metaphysical classes. I take particular ones with me when I travel. I have the merger everywhere! One is right in front of me, with the keyboard, reminding me to check in to make sure it is in place. Thank you Stewart and Janet!

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