3-Day Group Fast Webinar PPV

3-Day Group Fast Webinar PPV

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Webinar took place February 10 & 12, 2015

3-Day Group Fast: Questions & Answers

Fasting is an ancient methodology of curing almost any health issue. Janet began studying fasting in her early 20s after a yearlong bout of pneumonia from which she could find no relief. This was the beginning of a long, 3 year journey which she fasted 1x per week, every week, for 36 hours. She also completed many fast from 7-10 days long. Janet was able to clear many of her health issues including but not limited to: pneumonia, sinus infections, colds, eczema, asthma, parasites, and a myriad of other minor health issues.


  • What is fasting
  • Why fasting is a process and must be respected for the deep-cleansing issues it can bring forth
  • How fasting can help you detoxify the mind and body,
  • Why you should consider incorporating fasting into your health routine
  • Myths surrounding fasting
  • Why you need to be careful when fasting
  • How to be gentle with Self and Body
  • How to fast from negative mind-patterns
  • How to fast from one meal to 3 days or more
  • How to begin and end a fast



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