• Do YOU love Hyperspace/Oversoul?
    • Do YOU want to delve in where others fear to tread?
    • Do YOU like the adventure that unknown, unexplored territory brings?
    • Do YOU want to spend more one-on-one time with Janet & Stewart?
    • Are YOU willing to share your own unique ideas and findings?
    • Are YOU open to implementing new ideas in the quest for Truth?

Then Expansions’ “OMG 2018” is Perfect for YOU!

Stewart A. Swerdlow and Janet Diane Mourglia-Swerdlow

“Oversoul Mastermind Group”/OMG 2018


Self-Value – Self-Worth – Self-Confidence

YOU are a Living Repository of INFORMATION!

YOUR Story is YOUR Path, Publish Your OWN Book!

Build Your Self through Self-Discovery
Guidance By Experts

As a Member of OMG 2018 YOU GET:

  • Guidance in Writing Your Own Book for Self or Others
  • Find/Develop Your Personal Area of Expertise
  • Your Personal Blog on
  • Instruction on how to develop/reach your own clientele
  • Janet & Stewart’s Private Email Addresses
  • Ten 90-Minute Group Webinar Trainings
  • Two In-Person Group Trainings Location T/B/A
  • Event Discounts
  • 26% Discount on Most Products & Services
  • Private OMG Group Forum
  • Gold Membership
  • Immersion in Hyperspace/Oversoul Tools & Techniques

YOUR Book is Your “Business Card”!

Janet & Stewart guide you into writing and publishing your own book, utilizing the wisdom and input of other OMG members.
They help you define and focus on what you already know so that you can incorporate your knowledge of Hyperspace/Oversoul methodologies into your topic of interest.
Suggested length:  approximately 170 pages, 5 inches x 7 inches—approximately same size as “Hyperspace Helper” including index.
You can also choose to interpret Expansions’ books into your native language

Self-Value – Self-Worth – Self-Confidence


Develop Clients with conversations and consultations via


 Anchor your nonphysical knowledge into physical reality!
Find out who YOU are by putting what you KNOW into ACTION.

  “Oversoul Mastermind Group 2018” is Truly INVALUABLE !

Create YOUR Own Opportunity to Learn and Advance YOUR Hyperspace Oversoul Skills For Perfect, Personal Spiritual Support & Guidance at the Highest Levels!

~ The More You Interact – The More YOU Get ! ~

ALL of this for ONLY $350 per month!


 $3950 Paid in Full by January 17, 2018




Hyperspace Helper
Decoding Your Life
Blue Blood, True Blood
Healers Handbook
Healing Archetypes and Symbols
Hyperspace Plus
True Reality of Sexuality
13 Cubed
True World History: Humanity’s Saga

Available @ Expansions Shop/books

Watch on Expansions Video Channel:

Hyperspace Oversoul Basics
Advanced Hyperspace Oversoul Techniques
Survivor, Surpasser
True World History
Triad of Healing
Mind Control & Programming
Simultaneous Existences
Interdimensional Existences
Kuiper Belt Connection
Hidden Histories & Hidden Mysteries

And watch other videos as they are
available on: Expansions Video Channel

 Please Note:
You must apply for acceptance into OMG. Completing the prerequisite work is required, but does not guarantee acceptance.

Time to get started NOW – When you have completed the prerequisite work, including “HYPERSPACE OVERSOUL EXTRAVAGANZA”, please contact Patricia for an application for OMG 2018.

Have You Released Your Old, Incorrect Mind-Patterns so You Can Move Forward into Your Double New Beginnings in a Positive Way?

 Expansions’ “Oversoul Mastermind Group 2018”

 Self-Value – Self-Worth – Self-Confidence


*OMG Monthly fees do not include approximate Book Publishing costs

 **All LMP Bloggers must be personally approved by Janet & Stewart

 ***Approximate Book costs:   

  • $900 (layout design, typesetting, one set of hard proofs, all changes, one set of electronic proofs, working with the printer)
  • $500 (index)
  • $75 (bar code)
  • $350 (cover illustration)
  • $400 (printing 100 B&W copies with color cover)


Top Rated Products

September Spectacular

An Experiential Adventure Immersed in Hyperspace Oversoul Learning

Experience Your Inner-Nature Self to Understand How YOU Create Your Outer-Nature World

Janet and Stewart Swerdlow, Present their Latest and Most Current Research

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