Hi! I’m Norma,
I am and have been a wife, mother, caregiver and sister to 4 siblings. I have worked with the elderly for over 20 years and also trained and worked as a massage therapist with the elderly, using Swedish massage. I have studied with Expansions for 12 years and learned so much about release work, which lead me to be interested in colonics therapy training. I have attended two different colonics schools this year, and I’m looking forward to putting it all into practice.

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Norma’s Blog

Trusting the process

What an interesting day I had today. I was called back to London on Tuesday to cover  couple of days for a carer who needed to go off sick. I came down by train, and arrived at the house, to find 4 cats, that do not go outside and a carer who just needed to get away....


One of my frustrations was feeling like I was working on releasing the past, but I seemed to keep repeating the same experiences. This seems to be the way with others as well! How about you? Cleaning out the physical, as well as the mental and emotional is the way to...

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