Hello, I’m Narelle Carter,

I’ve been an Oversoul Mastermind Group  member of Expansions for 2 years and have immersed myself in everything that they offer. This has enabled me to grow and develop MySelf enormously! I’ve been a teacher, counsellor and am currently an aromatherapist with a deep understanding of essential oils, which I can also use with radionics, color and archetypes.

I’ve come from debilitating illness and have healed MySelf .  It is my passion to assist YOU to do the same!

Purchase your consultation and arrange an appointment with Narelle by filling out the contact form below.  I look forward to speaking with you, soon!


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Narelle’s Blog

cleaning up can be revealing

It’s been a while since I last posted and that’s because my life has been developing and changing so fast I find that what I wanted to talk about has changed by the time I sit down to do so. What this tells me is I should post more frequently! Even if they’re short....

eye see it

As a youngster I grew up seeing osteopaths, naturopaths, hands on healers, even podiatrists back then were considered a bit alternative. I was never allowed to speak of these treatments as it wasn’t accepted by the general public and my mother was concerned about how...

secret wonders!

Few understand exactly what I do with essential oils. I AM a consultant and practitioner and can make up personalised blends as well as suggest recipes for you to make your own blends. When I make a personalised blend for you it’s more than listening to you and...

EmotionOil Balance

This is what EmotionOils by Narelle is about. Balance!  Why do you reach for oils when you're feeling emotional? Is it to feel ‘good’? Or to come back into your body? Or to stop feeling ‘bad’? Feelings don't last long. We often find ourselves in some sort of emotional...

Less is Best

Over the past month I’ve noticed that my life is increasingly filled with men. Mainly family, but also friends, neighbours and strangers I see when I go out. I was initially frustrated with this as I long to have balance in my life and connect with women as well. I’m...

Fennel is full of surprises!

I recently posted on my Facebook page about fennel. This oil has had such a tremendous impact on me, from a single inhalation, that I felt drawn to research it some more. I had been away in the country for some respite and ended up staying 3 nights. It was the second...

all emotionoil

A lot of people have told me that if someone doesn't like the scent of a particular oil then that means they need it.  Dr Hill raised this topic himself at this years Australian Convention, and I’m sure he’s discussed it at other times too. His view is that if you...

scent sense

When I was in my early 20’s I was walking through a crowd one day when I suddenly felt terror and ran! My friend tried to follow me, we finally found each other and of course she wanted to know what had just happened. I told her that my ex was here and she went...

suppression or release

I was 19 when I met a man who was drawn to ask me one day if I was ok. I had no idea why at the time, but I shared that I’d been mutilating myself. He was one of my teachers and to this day he has remained a friend. Back then he never let on that he felt out of his...

travelling with essential oils

Travelling with essential oils is a question I frequently receive. As I travel overseas and within Australia often I am very comfortable with knowing what I can take with me and why. For starters, your bathroom pack must fit within a 1L bag and any liquids must be in...

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