Michael V LMP photo 2Michael Venianakis has been on quest of truth and integration his entire life. As a child Michael has constantly been intrigued with the nonphysical. The moment he would shut his eyes for bed he knew there was another world out there or maybe in him? An immediate submersion of violet and royal would bring him to a deep sleep that had him dreaming for hours. At the age of 18 he found Expansions. His first look at the Healers Handbook brought him instant relief and connection. Since then Michael has been coming to an understanding of his life. Further enhancing his life was the beginning trials of working and building radionics boxes. During a “pilgrimage” of spirituality living abroad in Crete, another dream brought him another design of the Radionics boxes. Since then Michael has been building Radionics boxes for Expansions and continuing his journey through life with hyperspace techniques by his side.


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Lets Journey Some More

Bizarre things happen all the time. Especially when you are a bizarre person. Average people produce average results, extraordinary people produce extraordinary results, out there people produce out there results. Which one are you? All of them. Don't hide from...

The Releasing Journey Continues

I provided a brief summary in the first post, im still unsure of its direction but i definitely have the experience that I want to share and hope it can help others. I'll start with the diet the keto - food is what you learn or knowledge, how you ground it etc.. Keto...

Releasing whats not needed

I've been meaning to post something and I think I go too entangled in what I "should" write about. So im taking the easy way out in terms of writing, but its something that in my life I have been taking the "long" way out. Its about releasing. I'd like to see who else...

Hello I’m Michael

I have been with Expansions since I was 18. I work in IT, as well as Massage Therapy, and have designed and make Radionics for Expansions. I am a dreamer. I am Greek American, or as I prefer Cretan American, my father’s side is from the island Crete. Walking through...

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