Limited Edition Complex Healing Archetypes, Programming Scans, Hyperspace Signatures, Healing Consultations


Our LIMITED EDITION “Summer Special” Personalized Complex ONLY AVAILABLE till midnight TONIGHT!
These are specifically designed for what is happening in the world now and thus within YOU.

*Unlocking Your Hidden Abilities *Unlocking Your Perfect Career *Unlocking Your Mulitidimensionality – $350 ea or $880 for all 3!
(see descriptions below)

PROGRAMMING SCAN + 1 hour follow-up phone/Skype call with Stewart to discuss scan. Reg: $610 – NOW ONLY $503

If you already have a Programming Scan but would like a 1 hour follow up phone/Skype call
with Stewart to discuss it Reg: $260 – NOW ONLY $215

HYPERSPACE SIGNATURE SCAN ( Includes both current & upgraded signatures) + 30 minutes follow-up phone/Skype call with Stewart to discuss scan
Reg: $493 NOW ONLY $404

If you already have a Hyperspace Signature Scan but would like a 30 minutes follow up
phone/Skype call with Stewart: Reg: $143 NOW ONLY $116


For ANY HEALING ISSUE—Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Mind-Control….



New “Summer Special” Personalized Complex Archetypes
These NEW “Summer Special” Personalized Complex Healing Archetypes are specifically designed for what is happening in the world and thus within YOU.
Unlocking Your Hidden Abilities – Do you feel like you could just reach out and touch something but can’t quite get ‘it”? Well, this Personalized Complex Healing Archetype is specifically designed to pull out your own hidden abilities so that you can do exactly what you came here to do.

Unlocking Your Perfect Career – This is the time for YOU. If you are NOT doing what you love, then there is no time to lose. The world is changing with each breath you take. You are here for a reason. Find out and support your Self doing what you came here to do.

Unlocking Your Mulitidimensionality – How can you make the multiverse work for you? This will definitely unlock your interdimensional connections to positively upgrade your current lifestyle in every way imaginable.

Unlocking Your Hidden Abilities + Unlocking Your Perfect Career + Unlocking Your Mulitidimensionality

Programming Scan with 1 hour call with Stewart
The Programming Scan tells you specific programs that are active or dormant within you so that you can take control over them, before they take control over you. Learn which programs most affect you and what deprogramming techniques work best for you so that you are not at the mercy of outer or inner triggers. Get control over your own mind before someone else does it for you. This scan brings up some of your deepest issues that can pervade all of your life without you even knowing it. With awareness, you can now successfully implement the changes that you have been wanting to make.

Hyperspace Signature Scan with 30 minutes call with Stewart
Your “Hyperspace Signature” Current Scan is a set of Archetypes, or geometric shapes, upon which your entire mind-pattern is based, and thus your life. This is a color, two-dimensional representation of your multidimensional “Hyperspace Picture” of your Personal Frequency.
You can also rearrange the Archetypes as well as the colors to rearrange your Frequency, and thus change your life.
To aid your personal visualization, we do this via the “Hyperspace Signature” Upgrade Scan. We change the Archetype placements and colors to shift your mind-pattern, thus shifting your entire life.
Once you have the “Hyperspace Signature” Upgrade Scan, you can visualize it at the Pineal Gland, put it under your pillow so that its frequency infuses into your current mind-pattern, and/or or set it under your water bottle to absorb the changes into your Personal Frequency. You will receive both your Hyperspace Signature and Hyperspace Signature Upgrade Scans via high quality PDF file.

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