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 Far Infrared Sauna 

“One of our best investments!  Plus, when our thermostat went out on our sauna, it was replaced without charge. In fact, we were told if we had to hire an electrician to do so and send them the bill.”—Janet & Stewart

The far infrared sauna is great for detoxing heavy metals and parasites as well as stimulates the immune system.  The light combats winter depression. The company is great and stands behind their products.  Great customer follow-up care and service.  Easy to assemble.  Beneficial for all.  You receive automatic $500 discount when you mention that you are an Referral.

ProArgi9+ to increase vascular blood flow

Stewart and Janet will ONLY take this brand of  L-Arginine because it is the best on the market today! “We use this every day in the ‘Mixed Berry’ Flavor, and rely on the individual serving packets when traveling.  We never skip a day and believe that everyone should be on it, whether for maintenance or therapeutic doses.  Enhances vascular health and tastes great!”  Contact Deborah (510-325-0973) or Deborah suggests calling or emailing her before ordering to customize your ProArgi9+ size and dosage and here is another great article that you will want to read which says that ProArgi9+ is published in the 2016 Physicians’ Desk Reference:

Clean Water Revival, Inc.

CWR supplies custom designed water and air filtration equipment solutions to create healthy indoor environments.  Their goal is to eliminate toxic air and water contaminants in your home to assist you in a healthy and healing living environment as well as prevent any further bioaccumulation.  Special attention is given to chemically sensitive and immune deficient individuals to achieve complete removal of all toxic contaminants using only non-extractible filter materials and equipment. Some items may be purchased directly from the website.

Phone:  800-444-3563 Ext. 4001 or 4004

PROMO CODE EXPAN for website or phone order discounts.

RIFE Machines built right here in Michigan 

Technically still a research tool, “True Rife” is a fascinating way to combat illness and build the body using frequency.  Janet and Stewart have used “True Rife” machines for many years, recommending them to clients for ongoing wellness benefits.  These machines are built right here in Michigan.  purchase via

“Young Living” Essential Oils

 Young Living

Essential Oils

You can buy directly from this site or if you sign up as a Distributor you will get discounts.

Regardless, to buy, you will need this number for Sponsor & Enroller:  2804736

We specifically like “Stress Away” Essential Oil and “Ocotea” for balancing blood sugar.

Try them and let us know what you think.


$5 Coupon when you use this link for Swanson Vitamins–and they have food items as well!

Janet says: “Swanson Vitamins often has items I can’t find anywhere else on the Internet, from organic food products to vitamins. I just used a discount coupon that gave me 10% off my order plus free S&H, and of course no sales tax!”


$10 Coupon For First Health Food Order! One for  You & One for Us! 

Get $10 OFF your first order of vitamins, supplements, organic foods, beauty products, pet items, and more at!  Follow the steps below for your instant coupon:

Visit this URL:

Go to: “Did Someone Refer You–Click Here”

Sign up and enter our email:

Once registration is complete  you will receive a code that will give you  $10 off your FIRST order of $30 or more.  New Customers Only.  Janet Says: “I shop at for as many vitamins, food supplements, bodycare, and organic foods as I can.  Prices are usually 1/3 lower than in the health food stores, sometimes more with their great additional discounts and PROMO codes. Plus I get free S&H on orders over $49 and I don’t have to pay sales tax.  No fuel to get to any store—it is delivered right to my door.  Any order that is not properly filled or arrives damaged is taken care of immediately. Customer service (so far) is impeccable!” Call Vitacost Customer Service if you need help collecting your $10 Coupon: 1-800-381-0759


Good Herbs! You can now get limited Good Herbs Products, plus a host of high-quality Organic, Wildcrafted Herbal Extracts, Powders, Oils & Flower Essences & Other Health Products via this site:

You will need to phone Jade: 248-251-4358 Eastern Time to set up an account which will allow you to buy wholesale.  Let her know that you are an Expansions client.


Pure Organic Coconut Oil 

Pure virgin, organic coconut oil.  Janet and Stewart buy the 5 gallon tub. Coconut oil is said to kill parasites as well as regenerate/heal your nervous system and maintain cellular structure.  Use it internally and externally.  “We even give it to our pets; it makes their coats shiny plus helps to get rid of parasites in pets..and humans! ” –Janet & Stewart

Get a free gift by entering this sponsor code with your order: 59836


The SHEN Clinic, UK

“Personally recommended by David Icke; that’s good enough for us!” – Janet & Stewart

We always have interesting information that you can use to enrich and elevate your life!  Our newest edition is my favorite pick-me-up treat and the company has given YOU an EXCLUSIVE 10% Discount simply because you are an EXPANSIONS.COM READER:

SUNCUPS!  Yum! what more could you want??

Note: Suncups only ships to the Continental US.


EXCLUSIVE 10% Discount for READERS 

We always have interesting information that you can use to enrich and elevate your life!  Our newest edition is my favorite pick-me-up treat and the company has given YOU an EXCLUSIVE 10% Discount simply because you are an EXPANSIONS.COM READER:

Suncups! what more could you want??

Note: Suncups only ships to the Continental US.

Janet says: ” Like Peanut Butter Cups but BETTER!  Yes, these are in our “Health Partners” section because these are as good as it gets when it comes to Healthy Treats! Low carb, organic, nut free, gluten free. I love all of them but the favorite in my household is the Dark Chocolate Suncups! Try some of each and let us know which ones are YOUR favorite….that is, IF you can decide!”


Dark Chocolate Suncups ( with Sunbutter  filling from sunflower seeds)

Milk Chocolate Suncups  (with Sunbutter filling  from sunflower seeds)

Dark Chocolate Mint Cups

Milk Chocolate Caramel Cups


Milk Chocolate Bar

Dark Chocolate Bar


If you are a micro or small business owner with a product or service that you would like to tell other readers about, contact Patricia with the details so we can determine if this is compatible with our readership.


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