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  1. Ann Gilson

    I just wanted to share as you have mentioned about fecal transplants on a past podcast that on a radio station out of Boston it was recently stated that an actual store front has opened in Cambridge Massachusetts where you can go and donate your poop, and receive 40 dollars for doing so!!! I am sure can be googled …:)

  2. Sharon Daiken

    I have just watched podcast 8th May 2017. As good as always. Thanks talking about the trans species man wh had a write up in the UK Daily Mail newspaper. Totally mind controlled individual. Something struck me yesterday, with all the transgendering going on, and taking place in the public eye. Say a man had been changed in his childhood, with castration, and been pumped with womens’ hormones, does the persons mind be that a man or womans. Stewart mentioned that the elites are 50-50 genetic split, and that it is the mind pattern that determines the physical appearance. So an elite person has a Reptilian mind pattern, yet has to maintain a human appearance, he or she ingests human blood and hormones. A male is made into a woman, and has to ingest womans hormones as well as have surgeries to look woman like, and yet this he-she has a man’s mind pattern, men and womens brains are not similar, would that persons physical appearance go to the original male type. The reason I ask this, is because going on photos transgendered men to women, especially those in the public eye, celebrities, or those deemed to be trannies, they don’t appear to age well, and their hormone and cosmetic surgery made visages and bodies look more manly as they get older. Just curious

    • Janet Swerdlow

      The brain can change to anything the mind tells it; the body always follows the mind.

      • Sharon Daiken

        And I suppose many these people are susceptible to the ‘aging programme’, we spoke about. One the ways, people are programmed and their minds go along with it, and their bodies go along with it.

  3. Lyrae

    I have seen the 26 acres in Texas on TV within the past two years. They actually filmed some of the decaying bodies. There was a human ear and the side of a head exposed. This was so offensive. I think it may have been one of the 20/20 type shows.

  4. Bernadette

    Hi Janet,
    So I am hearing a lot about the mind patterns, where does the soul fit in?
    Isn’t it spirit, mind, body follows?

    • Janet Swerdlow

      Yes! Your Soul-personality generates the mind-pattern and the body follows! Great question! 🙂

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