Disclosure Network New York

DateSunday, Feb. 19, 2017

Location: CAP 21 Studios, 18 West 18th St., (Between 5th Ave.& 6th Ave., South Side of Street), elevator to the 6th Floor, Room 603, NYC

Time: 2pm-4pm, Please be on time as late arrivals may disrupt the meeting. Enter the room assigned at 2pm. Ask the Welcome Desk person for “Nick Curto’s room assignment” if you need help in finding the room.

Topic: “Visions of Hyperspace Intuitive Stewart Swerdlow”

Featured Guest Speaker: STEWART A. SWERDLOW

Program (Live Skype Event): AWESOME PROGRAM!!!

Among the topics that Mr. Swerdlow will comment on in a live Skype interview with Nick Curto, DNNY Director, Mr. Swerdlow will share some of his personal experiences concerning his Hyperspace Intuitive life path; his take on the Montaulk Project; the Illuminati and the Reptilians; the significance of the Pyramids; the current plans of the New World Order; the future of America and the Trump Presidency. A Q&A is also planed.

Bio: Stewart A. Swerdlow’s great-uncle, Yakov Sverdlov, was the first president of the Soviet Union, and his grandfather helped form the Communist Party in the United States in the 1930s. To ensure that his loyalties stayed with the US government, he was “recruited” for specific government mind-control experiments, including 13 years at the Montauk Project, which enhanced his natural abilities. A gifted Hyperspace Intuitive, in his private practice Mr. Swerdlow moves his consciousness beyond time and space to determine his client’s foundational mind-pattern upon which all their life experiences are based. Mr. Swerdlow is an expert in deprogramming and determining which Illuminati programs are embedded in the mind-patterns of any individual. Considered one of the world’s foremost metaphysical leaders, Stewart A. Swerdlow has the ability to see auric fields and personal archetypes as well as read DNA sequences and mind-patterns. With his cutting-edge research in health and spirituality, he is a powerful intuitive who use Universal Law to resolve everything from health, money, relationship, and mind-control issues even reaching into a person’s other lifelines and beyond.His mission is to help others heal themselves in a positive way, thus avoiding the negativity he experienced. Mr. Swerdlow is a linguist who speaks ten languages.

For much more information please visit;
Expansions Publishing Company’s Facebook Page
Stewart’s Facebook Page

Meeting DetailsAdmission $10 per person. Hal Rainbow, our treasurer, will collect your admission fee in the meeting room at the door before the program begins.

IMPORTANT!!! RSVP now to guarantee one (1) reserved seat! (30 seat limit.) Important: Please provide your (1) full name, (2) e-mail address and (3) cell phone number. E-mail to: nicknyny1@gmail.com Attn: Nick Curto

Questions/Press: Contact: Nick Curto, DNNY Director/Co-Founder: Phone: 917.701.9033

Note: If you find that you can not attend the meeting after making a reservation it is very important to let Nick know right up to the day and time of the meeting and taking your name off the RSVP list for the meeting so others may then attend a sold out meeting.

Rules of the Venue:

1. No food or beverages are allowed in any rooms of the venue except bottled water that may be brought into the venue. You can also purchase chilled bottled water at the Welcome Desk in the Lobby for $1.
2. Please silence your cell phones when entering the meeting room.
3. No photos may be taken or sound recording is ever allowed at any of the DNNY meetings.

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