My name is Cody and I was born in Thornton, Colorado.  My grandfather was a Technical Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force and worked as a computer programmer at NORAD inside Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs, CO. My grandmother can trace her lineage to the House of Stewart’s from the Windsor family. My parents split shortly after my birth and that always effected me greatly. I lead what I thought was a normal life but as I progressed with deprogramming techniques and the green spiral staircase exercise taught by Stewart I realised that my life was anything but normal and that much was hidden from my conscious mind.  I had a lot of trauma and now spend my time working in the field of massage therapy helping doctor’s to heal people who have experienced trauma in their lives.

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Memorial Mayhem

Memorial Mayhem

Memorial day is supposed to be for remembering the people who died while serving in the armed forces.  We are always told that soldiers are "good" and brave, honorable heroes.  I think most people stop there but Janet's blogs lately have me thinking a lot about right...

Sperm in space

I read this article in the daily newspaper a few days ago and found it very interesting. It is titled "After 9 months in space, mouse sperm yield healthy mice ".  It concludes that "Besides looking ahead to long-term space crews and societies, the researchers see...


I have known many people with cancer in my life and it seems that everyone knows at least one person who has had it; most people fear it.   Most people that beat it have it come back more severely later on and now people are turning to alternatives like CBD...

Hyperspace really works

Well, Stewart has said for a long time now the analogy that thoughts are like the film , your mind is the projector and physical reality is the screen.  Now, I just saw this article and found it very interesting that they are now agreeing LOL. I think "they" have...

With Liberty and Justice for Who?

Monday, I went to court bright and early!  I was there supporting my mother who has no criminal record and would not harm a fly.  She has become somewhat compulsive since her traumatic brain injury and I cannot imagine how hard it must be for her daily.  She took a...

The root of your foot

To quote Janet's personal affirmations blog; "Your mind is  purposely confused by the global handlers so that you do not have a clue as to who you are, where you came from and where you are going.  When you untangle the knots within your mind, you are going to be...

A dolphin tale

I want to share a very cool story told to me by a Hawaiian native who was my classmate and friend.  This story to me demonstrates what the strength of our mind pattern can truly do and also the stunning intelligence of dolphins.  This friend of mine is named...

What is a hebephile?

I encourage you all to have a look at these articles and so I will include the links at the bottom.  There is a stand up comedy scene by Australian comedian Jim Jeffries at the end of the one article that I found humorous and interesting.  Please, read the book "True...

Where do you belong?

Janet recently wrote in her blog,  "The masses are right brain/emotional/spiritual.  The Global Elite are left brain/logical/physical reality.  This keeps the God-Mind in balance. " I have been working on this internally lately.  This reminds me of the TV show “Shark...

Laugh at my pain

I learned that pleasure signals travel to the brain faster than pain signals.  So, when you bump your elbow you respond by rubbing it to make it feel better.  After a bad day at work you may want to grab a beer and self medicate. It is interesting how the brain works and how even a placebo can work.  Of course you should know by being here that the mind creates all experiences.

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