How do we take from life?

I recently watched a lecture that featured Stewart walking attendees through a meditation. They envisioned themselves walking on a beach and the ocean represented life. I did the meditation and at the end came to the conclusion that I was not taking enough from my life-ie. I dipped a tiny ladle into the vast sea.
So my question is how does one take more from life? What are ways we can engage more fully in our lives? Through much inner growth work I've become aware of self-imposed limitations and no longer find them comforting. The meditation is a reflection of my current mind pattern. However, no matter how hard I want to change I feel a tremendous sense of guilt and unease with the thought of allowing more prosperity into my life. I'm aware of the daily affirmations and will continue to work on myself but would like a fresh way of looking at this old, tired weight.


I've noticed a lot of titles being thrown around, milabs, starfire, star seeds, love bits, super soldiers etc. This seems to be more programming stuff. Are the people using such titles marking themselves?

Programming Lifespan

Hi Janet and Stewart,
Is there a duration of time for programming, or are specific programs run from birth to death? Also are specific programs repeated during the course of a lifetime? Thank You

Crazy music videos

I'm exposed to music videos when I take cycle classes at the gym. The instructors play the latest music videos to help with motivation and pass the time.
I notice several videos have humans with boxes around their heads. Like cardboard boxes with drawn-on faces, covering their entire head. I think it's odd but it's a repeating theme among the current videos. What kind of programming is this? Boxed thoughts? lol

Unwanted advances

Hi Stewart,
Can you please explain the mind pattern for attracting unwanted advances from coworkers? I feel I am clean with my energy, professional and respectful. Thank you for any suggestions how to correct as well.

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