Intense Dreams

When I was a child, I suffered from nightmares or intense dreams. They were so bad that eventually I learned how to lucid dream and fought off my dream nightmares. I got so good at it, I stopped my nightmares. Which somewhat disappointed me because I began to enjoy turning myself into a child superhero.

The nightmares started up again recently once I started the meditation exercises I found in a book by Franz Bardon. Some dreams would be the icons that people speak about in regards to sleep paralysis. I fought off the catlike thing as it tried to climb on my chest. In a dream the crone knocked on my door and told me my house was hers. I said no and closed the door on her. At one point I dreamed about patrolling my house and succeeded in terrifying my cat. This led me to believe I may have been astral for a few seconds.

The worst have been occurring lately. They aren't really nightmares but they are annoying. I hear high frequency tones, like what you hear during emergency broadcasts on TV but higher. Sometimes I will see locations. Whenever these types of dreams start, I ignore them. But now they are different. Ever since I got a set of your cards, I now see symbols. Mostly they rush past too fast for me to make them out. The tones will sound off. And all of this makes me feel as if someone is trying to jackhammer all this information into my head. The center of my head will hurt and vibrate a bit. In one of these "dreams" I tried to wake myself up then realized I wasn't sleeping at all. I opened my eyes to see my room, closed them and the images would flash again.

How do I stop this? The tetrahedron you speak about works most times but there are times it's a struggle to stop whatever this thing is from ruining my sleep.

Butterfly on me

Hi Stewart: I had a butterfly land on my drink cup when I opened my car door. It was black and orange and sat for several minutes, turned towards me, then flew on my dashboard, as I tryed to get it out of the car it flew to my chest for a moment and then flew off. May I ask what this might indicate? Thank You!


Are there any kind of programming triggers around pineapples? I have been seeing them everywhere lately in pop culture stuff. On the new season of House of Cards on Netflix, there are 2 pineapple lamps in the Oval Office, very front and center in some episodes. I'm guessing that show is intended for programming, since it's political, so made me question why pineapples are popping up everywhere now.

Mind Control

Stewart: Is there a way to tell if someone is under mind control? Also, what technique would be best to use besides the basics and UP and of course leaving the environment. Thank You

Dying Hair

I have had a few dreams lately in which someone is telling me I need to dye my hair to either a blonder version of how my hair is naturally now or a purple and blue color. Could this be a programming dream? If Hair = strength, I'm wondering if it could just be insecurities coming up?

female roles

I have noticed many celebrities play a role as the opposite gender at some point. I think they are forced to as a form of hazing/ right of passage. It also may be pushing a transgender/ androgynous society agenda. I wonder if it can cause people who are programmed with that icon to switch into an alter of the opposite gender?

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