Is our Oversoul unique?

Does our Oversoul have a uniqueness to it? After much contemplation recently with help from your lectures I understand some of the dreams I had years ago as a teen. My Oversoul presented itself to me as both male and female-one time they looked like East coast Native Americans. The couple embraced me within a cloak and I could feel and see the universe within their embrace and then a voice said to "remember the trees". Then the voice said "She wants you to know her"-the voice sounded more masculine.

I did the breath meditation you suggested in Hyperspace Helper with the clear tube and was delivered the message very quickly that I have everything within me. It was a feminine voice that delivered the message.

Shade of violet UP

Hi Stewart,
I am drawn to the lilac shade of violet for my UP and flushes. Does the lighter shade affect the protection work? I have tried and tried but I like that color!

Physical incarnation

I keep coming back to this question each time I review the Oversoul lecture and think about the flow chart you created-which is very helpful. What I call "me" or that part of soul personality focused in this consciousness participates in a specific mind pattern or physical incarnation. Where do "my" past lives connect in the diagram? For the purposes of the flow chart there are vertical as well as horizontal lines (focused consciousness) and I know you mentioned they can go in multiple directions…So how do we have past/future lives in what we call "I"-I understand the concept that our consciousness continues to evolve but how so at the material entry point of Earth?

Adopted children

I remember reading in Hyperspace Helper that the soul before incarnation is drawn to parents with similar mind patterns and genetics in part carry these mind patterns. What happens with children raised by parents with whom there are no biological ties? Does the genetic line need a transformation? I realize there are many different variables and there is not one answer.


what do Turkeys represent? Besides dinner :p

I once had a large one stand in front of my car and it would not move!

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