Programming vs OS dreams

From what I've learned here, OS dreams involve nature, any type of natural setting. Programming dreams involve non natural (man made) settings. Like dreams involving a house with lots of rooms (compartments), or a shopping mall (lots of separate stores). Am I correct?

Does Stewart know he is LOVED?

Hi Stewart, Do you know that you are LOVED, respected and appreciated everyday? I hope that everyone that knows you, shows you how special you are to them. You have been many things to me over the years. You are the best representation I have of a father figure. Thank You for everything!

Training Dogs

Since our dogs are a reflection of our mind patterns, when we work with our dogs on obedience training, socialization, impulse control, etc. are we, in a way, also working on our own mind patterns?

Personal Protection

Hi Stewart:
I am having an internal battle I hope you can offer some help with. I am struggling with carrying a protective device of some sort as I feel I need personal protection. I do realize that my mind pattern would be creating the issue, yet I certainly don't want to wish I had something. Have you ever felt this way? How can I be safe in my mind if I am in a fearful situation. Thank You.

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