change in frequency

Hi Stewart,
I would like to ask the impact that one would have if they were opposed to an energy that was negative and were using their energy towards positive. Would this negate the depth of the negative energy? Does negative or positive energy have more strength? Thank You

Colors of Light

Hi Stewart,
I have noticed small spheres of royal blue light at times. My friend sees white. Do different colors of light mean different energies? Is there a guide to what colors are seen? Thank You!

The truth about Angels

Hi Stewart,
Can you please explain the truth about Angels? I had learned that the winged beings were really reptilian. I am confused as you speak of the Angelic Hierarchy. May I also ask what are light beings? Thank You Stewart

time variant devises

I have a question for you on the subject of a word so miss used, "time travel". I will explain a bit beforehand. I have worked with coils for more than ten years and also chemistry and all the metsphysical aspect of this reality. I mostly have my own following once I created device with coils that I show how to build on my YouTube channel "lazg65123". I do not have the hyper-time device yet posted. I show mostly of the regular thing, but keep hidden the reality shifting device to my self and a select few in the world. I have slowed time for 30 minutes and came back or Traveled to the past. I decided not to do this anymore since, but know the knowledge. I doing more complicated device and somehow coming from hyperspace the knowledge as my past, I am able to view big chunks of past lives and multiply realities at will and learned to time-lock in this reality always. There are force always working to see my work, but it is hidden according to my protection similar to yours taught. My question is but simple, do you think there is a place for this technology I have now on time-travel separate from the world power elite ? Can I do this reality a favor in giving this knowledge to the public or sincere souls who need it ?
please hope you can answer me and please take your time on this matter on my deepest concern. I have sensed you soul in many lives before.

Seeing the archetypes

When we do exercises-with the T-bar or circle and archtypes used, should I really "see" them or visualize (imagine) them? I never actually see anything. Others (in the videos) see whole scenarios. I get only the vaguest of impressions, sometimes. Maybe I am doing it wrong.

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