Pet Cat

What is the mind pattern for a cat that disappeared? It was most likely eaten by another animal. Could this mean something aggressive has attacked/ended something deceptive?
My family is pretty upset that their beloved cat is now gone. I'm trying to look at the deeper meaning behind this, it's so sad to loose a pet.
Thanks Stewart.

Hyperspace markings on shawl

Hi Stewart: 17 years ago I purchased a healing shawl that is violet, purple and light blue. The symbols woven throughout the fabric appears to be your "Rising from Sirius A" except the triangle below the circle has been replaced with a circle (2 circles-2 triangles). May I ask what this would indicate, as I have not seen in your book and would like to use this if it is beneficial. Thank You.


Hi Stewart: I am still struggling at times with my protection techniques and the power they contain. Is it possible for me to do my protective work and not be protected? Sometimes when fear overtakes me, I lose my connection. I do "hear" that I am protected, but am I really getting that information from my Source if I feel disconnected? Also, if safety issues increase with someone, does that mean they are close to breaking through? Thank You for you assistance.

Heavy release work

I did a ton of release work and exercises (Golden alter, child within,etc)yesterday. I awoke at 12:30 at night and could not go back to sleep. Do you think it's possible that this heavy amounts of work I did caused this? Usually people get physically exhausted.

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