Forest fiires

There is a huge fire close to where I live Brianhead in Utah, and the environmentalists are being blamed by the right for not allowing logging or thinning out trees even though some guy got a burn permit and was burning on his land. Some say the heat.. What is the true cause of most forest fires? Thanks

Peristalic motion in colon

Stewart, might there be any supplements other than Dr. Christopher's Quick Colon that might get the peristalic motion moving in the colon again? If I see one more Grapenut I will scream. Thank You.


What is the mind pattern for a specific diagnosis of plantar fasciitis of the right foot?

Birds killed

What is the mind pattern behind: My dog has killed four young birds (just left the nest) in a short space og time?

Imminent Death

My aunt took a turn for the worse and may not make it another day. She's with hospice care now.
What visualizations can I do to let her know I'm holding her in my thoughts and prayers? Is it violet and gold? I recall you mentioning this after 911. Helping those souls pass on after that horrid event.

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