Skin issues

Any suggestions about how to calm overactive skin? My skin is sensitive to just about everything-light, medications etc. I’m always breaking out and have strange bumps appear and disappear etc. just recently I had a chunk of skin removed due to cancer. My mentor/therapist said skin issues relate to childhood issues or puere-don’t remember how to spell jungian term.

Gene sight testing

There is a testing some company is encouraging their employees to get to see if their body recognizes folate and if they have a condition called MTHFR C677T. Have you heard of this?

Varicose veins

Hi Stewart and Janet

What is the mind pattern behind such veins, a thick one on the calf of the right leg and a thin one on the back of the left leg's ankle?


Keep up the good work 🙂

Cloning centres

Are there such places as cloning centres where people in the public eye are taken to be cloned? I know that you say that most celebrities are programmed people. I have heard you say that depending on their alters, they can not look the same, at various times. However, are some them replaced by clones?

Comfrey root/leaf

Some herbalists say no problem in using it internally, some say use only short term and some say never use it internally. What are your thoughts? Thank you in advance.

Meaning someone born on August 13th, plus one Montauk Day or Earth's birthday 12th August

Hi Stewart, thanks presenting everyone with the Simultaneous Existences transcript. Will be doing the visualisations written down there. My question is what is the meaning someone who was born on 13th August, 1983? Especially as Montauk Day is 12th August, and was shut down in 1983. This person is a well-known actor, and yes, is highly programmed. Just curious

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