I have known many people with cancer in my life and it seems that everyone knows at least one person who has had it; most people fear it.   Most people that beat it have it come back more severely later on and now people are turning to alternatives like CBD (Cannabidiol) instead of chemotherapy.

In my work I see how the medical system has a way of keeping people in it once they get started.  Some people are always worried about what will happen next.  Rarely, do I ever see people who get treated and get out clean and healthy.  I pondered to myself and Oversoul one day if anybody ever get’s treated for cancer that does not actually have it just for the monetary gain of others.

Recently, I watched a show about American greed that shows people who use their power/influence etc. to get large amounts of wealth no matter what the cost to other people. One of the most disturbing people I saw was Dr. Farid T. Fata. He was a doctor of Oncology from Lebanon who practiced in Michigan.  He was caught treating people for cancer that did not have it.  He told people they would die without him and continued to bill insurances large amounts for unnecessary treatments.  He watched a purple heart awarded WW2 Veteran die from his treatment without any remorse.  He told him he was cured and then later walked away from him on his deathbed while he lay helpless.

I have felt mistreated at hospitals and worked in them seeing how others are treated. There is often some malpractice of some sort.  My mother had a medical person give her an extreme amount of iron supplements for anemia.  This caused her colon to clog and tear and required emergency surgery. The surgeon told me that too much iron and not enough vitamin C will clog your intestines and weaken the lining.

Your gut health is very reflective of your brain health so this is why it is so important to take care of it.  The blood vessels in my mothers brain became weak as well and then she had a flu shot (which causes brain inflammation).  A few days after that a brain aneurysms burst.  Usually, these never burst in a lifetime but how much pressure can a weak pipe take with extreme pressures before a leak is sprung wide open?

I feel like it all could have been avoided  and all started with being mistreated.  Perhaps we are mistreated by doctors and others as a reflection of mistreating ourselves.  Always, get a second opinion and if you know a mother today treat them right!

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Stewart on the Richie Allen Show

Listen to Stewart being interviewed by Richie Allen on DavidIcke.com

The Richie Allen Show on davidicke.com featuring “Mr. Ethical” Nicholas Wilson and Stewart Swerdlow. Mr. Ethical, Nicholas Wilson, blew the whistle on the single biggest case of fraud by a bank in this country. He revealed that a subsidiary of HSBC had been defrauding store card holders by levying an illegal charge on them. It’s a massively important story and very relevant today. Nicholas is standing for MP in Hastings & Rye. We find out why. And Stewart Swerdlow returns to the show. Stewart is a clairvoyant who has the ability to see auric fields and personal archetypes as well as read DNA sequences and mind-patterns. he was involved with the Montauk project. He’s a successful author (with wife Janet) and international speaker. We’ll be talking about satanic reptilian religions and how the elite use them to invoke astral entities. With that in mind, we’ll be looking at the result of the French Presidential election and the background of President Emmanuel Macron.

Hyperspace really works

Well, Stewart has said for a long time now the analogy that thoughts are like the film , your mind is the projector and physical reality is the screen.  Now, I just saw this article and found it very interesting that they are now agreeing LOL. I think “they” have known things for a very long time and just let it out to the public when they feel like it.


Top Dog or Underdog?

I have not written a post in a while and felt it was time to do so. I imagine people who reads this, are already into Self Development and hopefully Hyperspace work. So you know about the vast amount of layers we are made of, when we think we are at our peak, we look up and see another one yet unclimbed. This is to me the purpose of living. Not to collect peaks, but to realize there are infinite ways to climb the same peak. They said in the 80’s that Rock n Roll was dead, yet there are bands touring all over the world, making new recordings and so on. As long as there is a need for the experience, it will be available. When the Second world war ended, people never thought there would be war again, peace was won. We all know how long that lasted… 

The first time I ever stepped into a gym, was with my Father, 12 years ago, I was 15 at the time. And this extreme environment of men and woman, growling and sweating, training their muscles to grow big and strong, was something that filled me with curiosity. At that time I wasn’t into Hyperspace and Oversoul work, and I experienced the gym as a place where size mattered. But over the years I started to peel the onion of the gym world. I saw the ugly side of steroid use and never being big enough, I saw people that made the gym their home because they couldn’t cope with the outside, I saw myself in others, I saw people do amazing things. The funny thing is that I still see the same things today when I walk into the gym, but I have a different pair of eyes. I see all these people making conscious decisions to become better versions of themselves. There are of course some that are more successful than others, physically speaking. But what all of them has in common, including me, is that it is all about the mental part of the experience. If you want to compete in fitness, you are forced to compare your body to others, it is what it is. If you want to experience that, there are a prize you have to pay, by not being good enough for the judges. This is in my mind, destroys a lot of people from reaching their OWN best potential. The only judge we should have, is the one inside our mind. So if we can’t accept ourselves, leaving that up to somebody else, we will fall into destruction of our own self value.

This not only applies to fitness, it applies to everything we do in life. But I feel it is very clear to see the point in my example. The top two bodybuilders in the world are Phil Heath and Kai Greene. Phil Heath has six Mr. Olympia titles and Kai Greene has none. The Champion looks down upon the world, defending his title year by year, the top dog is still hungry, and there is nothing anyone can do to push him of his throne, that is his reality. Kai depicts himself as the Underdog, luring in the background, and as long as Phil is competing, he will never reach his goal to become Mr. Olympia, that is his reality. But when i look at the two of them, i see one man who accept his reality, and one who doesn’t. Both of them has accomplished extraordinary things with their bodies, what amazing mind patterns they both have. But Phil is the Champion, Kai is not. Kai is bitter over being number two in the world, he can’t accept that, he makes all these comments on the Champion not being worthy and so on. Being the second best in the world is more then most bodybuilders never achieve in their careers, yet he keeps depicting himself as the Underdog that one day will kill the Top Dog. And the question I am asking is: Is it not enough to be the best dog you can be? If we work hard at our endeavors, and make our absolute best, how is that not ever enough? Why do anyone need to be the best at anything, if he or she is not in his or hers own mind, the best that they can be? Ask yourself if you are judging yourself by comparing to others, most likely you are, I AM TOO! (sometimes;)) Am i the best parent in the world, or am i the best parent i can be. Am i the wealthiest or do i have everything i need to live a good life. Neither Top Dog or Underdog, be the best you can be. 

I have been trying different sports for a while, running, mountain biking, Crossfit, etc. But now I am back at the gym which I resented and judged for a long time, without realizing I was resenting and judging myself! It feels amazing to be lifting again, I didn’t realize I missed it until I started again. I am focused on my workout, planning it and watching videos and reading to improve my knowledge. But most of all, I am enjoying myself, gym time is my time, building bigger and stronger muscles to balance my bigger and stronger mental muscles. As above so below. Everybody should go to the gym or do strength exercises in my opinion, you can’t be to weak, to skinny, to big or to old, that is self sabotage. Now days there are gyms that fits everyone. I want to help people who have little or no experience of gym training, take the step and start lifting. I want people to realize that they have the power to change themselves into the best they can be with the power of their minds, the training is just a physical representation of that. Feel free to send me an email or leave a comment below. The journey of a thousand miles, starts with a single step.

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