Day 14 on the Ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic Diet has been around since the 1920’s and was used to cure children with epilepsy. However, in recent years it has been reintroduced in the Health Movement and for other purposes such as diabetic treatment. The science behind it is simple, no carbs. Well, almost no carbs to be fair. Your diet consists of meat and vegetables, thus getting an average of 5% carbs for your daily food intake. I am always interested to improve my health, and I have felt like I always seem to come back to the free and easy methods, such as “Keto” or fasting.

I did not think much about it before I started, I just started with the guidance of my Oversoul. The first thing I understood was that sugar is a powerful molecule, from day one to day three, I felt very much like an addict who were getting of drugs. That is because sugar very much affects you like other heavy drugs do, and since I have been a lifelong addict, it took some willpower to get through those first few days. It takes about 3-5 days, depending on your activities, before you have exhausted all the glycogen in your liver and your muscles. So the body will burn all its glucose before you go into the state that is called Ketosis. Basically, it is when your brain switches from using glucose, to using something called Ketons, which the liver converts from fat. That is how your body functions when you are fasting, accept now you adapt your diet to have that effect.

As some of you know, I am bodybuilding and powerlifting, so performance is important for me. And I can tell you that the first days I was weak as shit, it literarily felt like I was shrinking in front of the mirror. In fact I was, you see for every gram of carbs your body hold, it is bound to 3-4 grams of water. So my muscles just disappeared, that is a scary thing when you have spent a lot of time building up your body, but I trusted in Source and I kept going. I have heard that you will lose some of your strength when you are running on fat, that is BS. Strength comes from the mind, not sugar OK! I was at the gym coaching a friend of mine, and we were squating. He accidentally put to much weight on the bar, and I accidentally did one repetition of my personal record. So Oversoul proved to me that I was just as strong as before.

You are going to experience the same symptoms as you do when fasting, this is called the “Keto Flu”. Detoxification symptoms like, headache, nausea, moodiness, fatigue, etc. But when your body understands that no carbs are coming, it gives up and you will experience a very stable energy level. It took me about 7 days to get there. In my experience, what we refer to as “hunger”, is in my opinion sugar cravings. When your body runs on fat, you use your body like it is supposed to function, thus not being “hungry” all the time. The only time I feel like my energy levels are low, is after training. I get like a down period of an hour or two, where my body simply needs to catch up from the heavy workload I have been doing. My mental focus is so much stronger and clearer since I don’t have anything to run out of (sugar), and I can study with higher intensity for longer periods of time, Awesome!

Notice that I haven’t mentioned weight loss as a reason or purpose for this diet, of course it will make you lose weight. You will build muscle like a Hulk, since you ingest so much fat and protein, you have the perfect conditions for your hormones to work as they should be, also having a low insulin level has a ton of benefits. All the fibers from the veggies makes your gut very happy. And most important for me, I feel better! You have no idea what sugar does to your body until you run out of it, that is starchy food spiking your insulin levels, that later makes you store fat and become tired. I must say I am surprised by my results. However, a lot of toxins are stored in the fat, thus burning that old fat you have been hanging on to, will give you days when you feel sick. It is the same feeling you have when you are doing longer fasts, you have to learn the difference between low energy and detoxification, there is a difference.

The plan is to go one month and later evaluate how I feel and perform. But remember, this isn’t a “diet” in the sense of length or weight goals. It should be seen as a way of eating, common sense more precise. You are not in danger without those carbs, you will not be hurt by using your stored fat. However, like I mentioned, detox will occur. Between day 7 to day12, I was a rockstar, I was doing PR’s every workout. Now I have experienced a lot of detoxification, I am having these awful poops, exactly like “breaking the fast poops”, stuff is being released and it has to come out. I am not to worried though I have gone through this many times when fasting. I think if hundred people went on this diet, you would have a hundred different experiences, every body is different. But when I asked my Oversoul why I was having this experience, I simply got the words “You are healing” come into my mind. That made me confident.

I am not going to encourage anyone to do anything since it doesn’t work like that. If you want to try something that works, improve your health and mental focus. Do what you think is the most beneficial for you at that time with the guidance of your Oversoul. Remember, Source First. This is what I did.

To be continued…

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