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…the average human being sleeps seven to eight hours per night. That is about one-third of your day. If you extrapolate this into the average human life span of 75 years, then the average person is asleep for about 25 years of life! This is a long time to not be aware of what is going on in your world.

The dream world is just as valid as the waking world, except that the rules and regulations are different. In the dream state, people accept that they can go beyond the normal parameters of the laws of physical reality. In the dream state, you can access non-physical realities and open up your innate abilities that lie dormant and forbidden in the conventional everyday existence.

Most human beings use less than 10% of their full brain capacity. If you were to open up even a small proportion of that untapped 90%, imagine all of the possibilities that would manifest. Such talents as ESP, telekinesis, levitation, and instant healing would become commonplace.

In the dream state, you can do all of this and more, because your consciousness and soul-personality rise above the accepted limitations of the physical world in which you live. When you sleep, there are two realms in which you can choose to enter. You can choose the astral levels of existence which border the physical world. In the astral levels, there exists many entities of unsavory character that can affect you. Or, you can surpass this lower realm and advance into the hyperspace levels of pure mind, instant thought and understanding, and where time and space have no meaning. It is from the hyperspace level that your greatest dreams reveal your true Self.

When you return from hyperspace dreams to your body, the conscious mind has no reference point for the symbols and images perceived during sleep, so the pineal gland creates pictograms over the hyperspace symbols. The pictograms are then strung together in a fashion that the conscious mind can understand. In this way, a dream story is created that you can remember.

Your dreams reveal information and instructions from the mind that oftentimes you are not able to accept or understand in the waking state. Therefore, it is very important for each of person to keep a dream journal that you keep updated so that after some time passes, you can see a larger picture of what is being revealed to you about your Self.

Interpreting your dreams to correctly understand their messages is imperative. Through this understanding, your life improves and you create better experiences for yourself. On the average, most people dream five times per night. Without dreaming, you would go insane because dreams act as a release valve for your mind-patterns and emotions so that you do not get overloaded or stuck in the multiple layers of filtering life.

Contrary to popular belief, you can only dream about yourself. The other characters in your dreams always represent the various aspects of your own personality and how they interact with one another. Even when you dream about a dear friend or loved one, you must attempt to understand what he/she represents to you personally. This is the only reason that these people appear to you in your dream state.

Each dream symbol can be a generic one common to the human race, or it can be something unique to an individual based upon your personal history and experiences, especially those from childhood.

For example, when you dream about oceans or large bodies of water, this always represents the “oceans of life” or your life perceptions. However, when you dream about a specific body of water, it has something to do with your specific mind-pattern and experience that this water reflects for you personally. Therefore, it helps to interpret dreams when you are familiar with the dreamer’s life, or can tap into the frequency of the person.

When you first wake up in the morning, staying in the same position for at least 90 seconds helps you can retain the dream memory. Once you start to move, you are out of the last position in which you had your dream, and the mind buries the memory. Staying in the waking position for a while helps keep the dream images in your mind so that you can write them down.

There are many different types of dreams—Oversoul dreams, daydreams, lucid, recurring, nightmares, sleep-walking, and prophetic dreams. There are even programming dreams that are based upon the original mind-pattern.

It is said that life is but a dream. Conversely, dreams are but part of life. The two are part of the greater whole. Each reflects the other as physical reality mirrors the non-physical.

Dreamers are the most successful people in the world. The trick is in making the dream a reality. Keep on dreaming and always remember that your dreams are real.

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