When I do massage lately as I observe the patients I notice many times people will say “oh my stupid shoulder” or “oh that damn leg”, and I find it casually humorous but also why do they say such things? It makes me think, how many ways can we create to feel damaged.  Why are you angry because you have pain in your leg when YOU created the situation and now you are blaming the leg lol!

I have been working with an interesting doctor of physical therapy from Belgium who worked with Muhammad Ali when he had Parkinson’s.  He used to teach at university in Belgium and worked for many years also in a cadaver lab.   I love him because he brought chocolates to our office from Belgium lol.

He met Emil Vodder who founded  lymphatic drainage massage in France in the 1930’s. Lymphatic drainage massage is the most medically researched form of massage.  In my school books it mentions that him and his wife developed the techniques for treating sinus infections, enlarged lymph nodes, and acne. The technique was used in the beauty industry at that time.  What the book does NOT tell you that our doctor told me is that his wife actually had breast cancer.  That is how he discovered it and developed the treatment.  Because, when the breast is removed surgically due to cancer they also remove the lymph nodes of the area for several reasons but in part so it does not spread.

Lymph glands are very interesting because they have an “immunologic memory” and they protect the body from foreign aggressors. Their balance between filtration (hydrostatic pressure) and resorption (osmotic pressure) are effected by diet and exercise.  In a normal circulation there is balance between the arterial in-flow and the venous out-flow.  If you think of a bath tub faucet as the arterial inflow, the main drain as the venous outflow and the overflow drain as the lymphatic outflow it makes a lot of sense!

If there is not enough protein in your blood plasma then there is less resorption (osmotic pressure) and your bathtub fills up with too much junk!  This can result in edema caused from malnutrition like you see in some Third World countries.  The phenomenon is known as kwashiorkor.  This edema can increase/worsen with exercise, or by sitting next to a hear source as well.

In protein deficiency the filtration will decrease because of increased tissue pressure and you are left with residue of interstitial liquid that is supposed too be transported by lymph. So basically, too much junk in your bathtub that makes you sick, take that vegans! In normal conditions the lymph circulation can drain 2 to 2.5 liters of lymph liquid a day.  This capacity can increase to 20/30 liters a day.  There are ways of treatment including massage but if edema occurs it is definitely a sign of malfunctioning lymph circulation.

These are all facts from the doctors book I read and below is a painting of his from our office.



Memorial Mayhem

Memorial Mayhem

Memorial day is supposed to be for remembering the people who died while serving in the armed forces.  We are always told that soldiers are “good” and brave, honorable heroes.  I think most people stop there but Janet’s blogs lately have me thinking a lot about right and wrong.  Why are we judging good or bad versus what is most beneficial for the souls?

If you dare to say anything about the military you are ostracized quickly and labeled, even if you have first hand experience from inside the machine!  Like Chelsea Manning for example who was just released on May 17, 2017.  An Army Ranger told me that they had been able to listen in on mobile devices for a very long time before the public knew it was possible.  They were not allowed to speak about these things to civilians.

I’ve met many veterans from all branches in my life and now there are many that I see weekly that need therapy for the rest of their lives.  Not all of them are proud of what they did and not all of them would say they are “good”.  Some had good intentions and others were just drunk, womanizers who avoided combat through training in officer schools.  Others volunteered just to avoid a longer service by draft selection.

Some had no other way to get higher education or no family and friends.  Others, thought it would be fun like in the video games and some even just wanted military training to bring home to their gang members.  Many are now homeless, forgotten and disgraced by their own government.  Others are given medals but what good is it when you are gone.  Why is secrecy and killing an honor if it is for your country but not elsewhere?

I see war now as just a family feud between Illuminati families and all of the players in it are just their pawns.  In the movie Hacksaw Ridge men are killed faster than they can receive reinforcements and never had a chance at all during WW2.  I see the sacrifice but how is this so heroic?  The main character refused to carry a gun and instead rescued 75 wounded as a medic.  He even saved the officer who tried to imprison him for refusing to carry a weapon.

So, who are the “good” guys and who are the “bad” ones?  I don’t think this holiday means much to some people other than a day off and sales at Walmart.  I have been reflecting a lot on war and what it will take to change it so that it stops happening on this planet.  As for now, I don’t think it is a matter of if WW3 will happen but when.

Sperm in space

I read this article in the daily newspaper a few days ago and found it very interesting. It is titled “After 9 months in space, mouse sperm yield healthy mice “.  It concludes that “Besides looking ahead to long-term space crews and societies, the researchers see other reasons for saving sperm in space, including in the event of disasters on Earth. The moon would be ideal for underground sperm storage, they noted, in particular lunar lava tubes because of their very low temperatures, protection from space radiation by thick bedrock layers, and complete isolation from any disasters on Earth.”


So, what do you think?  To me it seems like they are just outright telling us that human sperm can be sent into space without being damaged critically. So, therefore it is plausible that humans could be “planted” on other planets!  Would you send your sperm or eggs into space??




I have known many people with cancer in my life and it seems that everyone knows at least one person who has had it; most people fear it.   Most people that beat it have it come back more severely later on and now people are turning to alternatives like CBD (Cannabidiol) instead of chemotherapy.

In my work I see how the medical system has a way of keeping people in it once they get started.  Some people are always worried about what will happen next.  Rarely, do I ever see people who get treated and get out clean and healthy.  I pondered to myself and Oversoul one day if anybody ever get’s treated for cancer that does not actually have it just for the monetary gain of others.

Recently, I watched a show about American greed that shows people who use their power/influence etc. to get large amounts of wealth no matter what the cost to other people. One of the most disturbing people I saw was Dr. Farid T. Fata. He was a doctor of Oncology from Lebanon who practiced in Michigan.  He was caught treating people for cancer that did not have it.  He told people they would die without him and continued to bill insurances large amounts for unnecessary treatments.  He watched a purple heart awarded WW2 Veteran die from his treatment without any remorse.  He told him he was cured and then later walked away from him on his deathbed while he lay helpless.

I have felt mistreated at hospitals and worked in them seeing how others are treated. There is often some malpractice of some sort.  My mother had a medical person give her an extreme amount of iron supplements for anemia.  This caused her colon to clog and tear and required emergency surgery. The surgeon told me that too much iron and not enough vitamin C will clog your intestines and weaken the lining.

Your gut health is very reflective of your brain health so this is why it is so important to take care of it.  The blood vessels in my mothers brain became weak as well and then she had a flu shot (which causes brain inflammation).  A few days after that a brain aneurysms burst.  Usually, these never burst in a lifetime but how much pressure can a weak pipe take with extreme pressures before a leak is sprung wide open?

I feel like it all could have been avoided  and all started with being mistreated.  Perhaps we are mistreated by doctors and others as a reflection of mistreating ourselves.  Always, get a second opinion and if you know a mother today treat them right!

Hyperspace really works

Well, Stewart has said for a long time now the analogy that thoughts are like the film , your mind is the projector and physical reality is the screen.  Now, I just saw this article and found it very interesting that they are now agreeing LOL. I think “they” have known things for a very long time and just let it out to the public when they feel like it.

With Liberty and Justice for Who?

Monday, I went to court bright and early!  I was there supporting my mother who has no criminal record and would not harm a fly.  She has become somewhat compulsive since her traumatic brain injury and I cannot imagine how hard it must be for her daily.  She took a small item when we were grocery shopping that was less that $20, I think it was some kind of eye liner or makeup product.  I was trying on a shirt, I turn for my head for two minutes and look what happens!  We spent over $100 shopping together and she does not remember doing this.  To me it is like a child putting candy in their pocket at a candy store.  They don’t know any better and you should discipline them but not arrest them!

She sat in court with me and watched many cases involving DUI, domestic violence as well as a double homicide by Alex Perez! The news was there filming and we spoke to the cameraman in length while waiting very long to see the judge.  My mother was called near the very end so they obviously have no good system of priority in handling cases.  Perez, murdered the mother and grandfather of his children on Jan. 14, 2016 because he was convinced they were physically and sexually assaulting his children ages 3 and 4.  Killing them was his way of “freeing” them from this.

There is no evidence to date of the children being harmed at all and Perez is still declared “incompetent” and is being ordered more “treatment” before he can be of “help” to his attorney and be “assessed” for criminal responsibility.  What kind of SH%T is this! HELLO, people he is GUILTY.  The judge patronized, lectured, and humiliated people making them sulk and take responsibility in front of him but a murderer must be “assessed”.  When he did this to my mother I wanted to yell at the judge but stayed silent.  I was told to sit down by an officer though the outrage had me pacing.

I’m reminded me of the “affluenza” teen Ethan Couch who got what appeared to be special treatment in running over and killing 4 people not including harm done to those in his vehicle.  There was the cop shooting filmed on Facebook and now the guy dumb enough to kill someone on Facebook live was caught today.  I agree with Stewart that there is only going to be more stories like this as the agenda for a new world religion with ritual sacrifice will be accepted.

I’m so very dissatisfied with the criminal justice system, it is broken and just does not work. It may have it’s place in a positive light but I think the control system is out of control and in my experiences it is all about revenue for states.  Most people cannot pay the outrageous court fees and have no job or vehicle already on top of the fines. The “treatments” never seem to change any behaviors in fact the system seems to breed repeat offenders.  Don’t even get me started on the racism!  Maybe, people judging themselves internally creates the need to be judged on the outside….

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