Throw away your television!

The song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers echoes in my head as i am writing this post. Things have been going forward for me and i am starting to get a momentum that i have wanted for so many years. I have also been very busy with trying to keep up with my Mathematics studies, working, participate in our Community, train for the Ultra Marathon, and reading and watching videos from the video channel and elsewhere. There was a time when i started my Saturdays with a cup of coffee and a joint, then i smoked all trough the day, just sat and watch documentaries on youtube, some friend would come over for pizza. Then i woke up on Sunday and repeated. I really didn’t do anything, i got very educated and kind of a smart ass, but i was hiding in my bubble, safe from the cold and harsh world i was hiding from. I grew tired of myself and my routine of blowing everything off, every time i started something, i just let it slip away. I had no discipline or perseverance, but i wanted it.

So i figured out that successful people are doing the things that no one else does. Anyone can have discipline for a month, but year in and year out, that is a different animal. I figured out that it is the little things that really matter in the end. Lets say your in school, perhaps instead of paying attention to what the teacher is saying, you discuss the weekend with a friend instead of listening to the teacher. To being able to focus when it matters, intensify the “work” when you are “working”. I was under the impression that successful people did their activity all day long, seven days a week. But that is rarely the truth, that is how you kill your motivation. If you did only a little, but you really did it every day, i started to notice change in so many aspects of my life. It also builds a sense persistence and you start missing whatever you are doing when you don’t do it.

Learning something new is the most exiting thing about being alive, i would go as far as to say that it is really the essence of life itself. There are so many things that you can practice for 5 minutes a day, but all those 5 minute blocks builds skill after time. This can be anything. From cooking, doing a handstand, whistling, open a conversation, thermodynamics, singing…. The list is infinite. And the actual skill of learning becomes better as well, so you get better and better at learning new stuff. How cool is that?

If you say you have no time for learning new things, i challenge you to ask yourself, how much time do you spend in front of your television, iPad or iPhone?

What have you learned lately?

Do you find it hard to be creative and just DO IT?

So find something that you want to learn and Throw Away Your Television!

Are you exercising?

As i grew up, i was training gymnastics. Six days a week, three hours every training. I did this from when i was 6 to i was 15. When that career ended abruptly and i began playing music every day with my bands, i had some time away from training, i had grown to hate training, it was like a job for me after been doing gymnastics for so long. When i was around 16-17, my dad took me to the gym one day, and that opened my eyes to a whole new world of training. Growing up i had a six pack and all that as a result of all the physical training from gymnastics, so when i started to lift weights i had a natural genetic gift for building muscles very fast. I trained on and off for many years, going to lift weights was fun and training became something i grew to love. I have been trough it all when it comes to body building. I have to admit i never have competed, but i have done the steroids, the supplements, the calorie overload, you name it. My dad being a bodybuilder also has been giving me great insights in how training, and especially body fixation affects the mind and changes the person who has it. I have been addicted to bodybuilding as well, so i have my own story there. And yes, the biggest problem today is that people are given a twisted introduction to exercise, also the media that is painting a picture of how you can look if doing “this and that”, it is all bullshit and steroids, never read those gym magazines!

After i started to become involved with Stewart and Janet here at Expansions, i had a problem with my view on training and exercise, it felt very animalistic and “low level”. However, as my personal growth and spiritual connection has reach greater depth, so has my relationship to training. Now days, I absolutely love to train, it is the high point of my day. For me training has given me so much i never intended to get in the first place, here is a list of what physical exercise can do for you:

*Build your mental toughness, this can be utilized in everything you do.

*Build the strongest vehicle possible for your mind to thrive in, you deserve perfect health.

*Build your goals and begin training to achieve them, this can be transferred to any desires you have.

*Build your confidence, who says you can’t have a fit body just because it isn’t right now, let me help you!

*Build a sense of purpose, having a training schedule makes you have something to thrive for.

*Build your arrogance towards limits, you have no idea what an amazing machine your body is, it can do more than you limit it to do.

Today my knowledge also include endurance training and more of a performance type of philosophy. I know it may seem unreachable for you to become one of those annoying people that train all the time, but it is actually easier than you think. Training is easy, results are guaranteed, how many things can relate to that? I challenge you to take control, and spend 20-30 minutes on yourself, everyday. If you are more advanced, set a goal, run 10k, do 10 pull ups, lose weight, the important thing is that you are MOVING. I hope after you read this, that you write a comment below and tell me what training you do, or want to begin doing. I will give you feedback and tips for your progress.



Symbolism: the practice of representing things by symbols, or of investing things with a symbolic meaning or character.

The greatest mistake one can make, is to think you are to high to fall. Often this can be avoided by reading the symbolism in the world around you. Sometimes it needs to happen so you can build something new. But it is arrogant to think one are above lessons and hardships, in that case, what would you be doing here if you are perfect?

2017 was for me a mirage of good things to come during the past year. I was preparing, planning and building up expectations of how things would evolve. I felt like I had made it trough the forrest at last. I made the mistake I was preaching not to make, I fell. I did not understand. First and foremost, I did not read the symbols in front of my nose.

If there is one thing that Janet has taught me over the years, is that what you need, and what you want, can be two very different things. And that was my second mistake, I planned what I wanted to happen, not what I needed to experience. The paradox is that I am using my fall as symbolism for my success, and that is what I find so beautiful with Hyperspace and Oversoul work, you are never so lost you cant find your way back.

I was having great struggles with my Linear Algebra course I am taking, this for me is symbolic of having a struggle or being stagnant in trying to predict change, which is what Math is all about. I feel fear towards the future, therefore trying to predict it gives a sense of security. This course is a ”light” version of the one you take first thing when starting a bachelor in Physics or Mathematics, so I am making myself more ready for the future. Multidimensional.

I signed up for my first Ultra Marathon. This means I really have to prepare myself to achieve this goal. So what I have to strengthen is my heart and lungs, this is in medium green, so this match my need to strengthen the control of my emotions. Something I overlooked when preparing the new year, now i listen and make changes accordingly. My feet and legs needs to be strengthened, this represents me strengthening where I am heading in life, so I can go very ”far”. Also increase my red blood cells, in principle this means increasing energy in the body as well as the mind. So here I thought I was just running a race, when I am in fact creating a physical representation for the non-physical to follow. Or vice versa.

Little signs of sabotage can also help to grasp your attention more quickly, in order to stop the sabotage at an earlier stage. For example, I was starting to eat Gluten very frequently, and in big portions. So when the training week started again, I was going to burn all that bread and pizza for energy…My legs were lumps of iron, my breath was that of an old man. I asked Oversoul why I was in so much pain, the response I got was: Well, don’t you know what happens when you put flour into water, it thickens of course, so how do you think you can run with glue in your veins?

How have you been reminded or helped by seeing symbols in your environment?

Have you had similar experiences?

I would love to hear about them!

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