Dear Humanity

Humanity, I am disappointed at you. Not for what you have done, but for what you haven’t done. It is more than failure that you have suffered from, it is more than guilt that you should feel. Every man, every woman that came before you, lived their lives in hope for a better future, there was a sense of duty in the fellowman. Where one generation ended, another one continued, on and on for eons of time. Knowing what you know today, feelings that fills your hearts, everywhere we turn, everywhere we go.

You’d be a fool not to admit that you have failed. You have failed to communicate, you have failed to reciprocate, you have failed the simply task of taking care of ourselves and our loved ones, you have failed to do what is right, you have failed to act on what has been wrong, you have turned a blind eye to the things that makes you human. Your spirituality. You put our hope in glitter and fame, for those in power, this is what they have created for you to strive for, NOTHING. Politicians have been around for thousands of years, promising you and your ancestors a better life. The mob has clouded your judgement and your courage. All the children on this planet, look up to you for guidance, for shelter and for inspiration. And what have you done?

You have failed the children that trust in your leadership…

The bright flames coming into to this reality are trying to burn in a raging storm, no longer able to burn, they go out in a flash. One might remember the simple question: Where do the light go when you switch off the light?

Whatever the brightest answer that one could deliver, the most simple one is to realize the fact, that whatever the light may go, you only have to flick the switch and the light comes back. You flick the switch and the light comes back, you light the flame and and it burns again. I am not disappointed because you have let the young flames of this reality burn out, it is because you haven’t taken your responsibility and given the flame a spark to burn again. If you are able to read this, you know that I am right, and the guilt you feel, is what makes you human.

Now you know that ones upon a time, that flickering flame was you, that chilling wind sweeping your hopes and dreams away from you, was you, and I know that you have felt it, you remember it. Inside of you is a child, begging you to grow up, to grow strong in confidence and in statue. Perhaps you have failed to do just that, to grow up your inner child?

And that is why I am disappointed in you Humanity, you have failed to take care of the child inside of you.

Generation of children has failed before you, generations that follow will do the same. No more guilt can be held for that cause. No matter how many fingers that are pointed, you only need one, pointed within. What have you done for yourself, have you taken care of the child within, have you given respect to yourself, the respect that you deserve. The only thing that needs to change in this world, is the way you treat yourself.

Do you have kindness, do you inspire, have you ones done something that mirrored your courage?

But more important, what have you done for yourself?

Have you taken the time to ask what you need to do in order to have peace within?

Have you challenged the painful memories that is held in your heart, filling your eyes with tears every time you remember?

Have you admitted yourself to let child within cry for what it went through?

Never forget that you are here on borrowed time, one day your time is up and it is time to move on. What you leave behind is for the future to judge, but can you accept that you lived your life, never switching the flick back on inside of yourself.

There is no such thing as a perfect person, but there is an immortal honor for those who dare to let the flame burn, for those who give it their best. When the flame burns, you know in your heart what you need to do, how to live your life. You don’t waste your time on what adds to the storm, but you help others to burn as bright as you are. Help others in order to help yourself, the child within begs you to take that first step.

An act of kindness is an act of bravery. And as history has taught us, one mans bravery can move mountains. But a mob of bravery can change the world. One has to make the decision to be one who dares, one who dares to believe in themselves. If men and woman around the globe decide to make that decision, no matter how much doubt that bend their knees. You might have a chance to create a world where young flames can flicker in the wind of God, the wind of the brave. How big that vision might grow in your mind, know that it can’t be done without you. We can release our suffering together. But you must start with yourself.

Humanity, I belive in you…

Day 14 on the Ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic Diet has been around since the 1920’s and was used to cure children with epilepsy. However, in recent years it has been reintroduced in the Health Movement and for other purposes such as diabetic treatment. The science behind it is simple, no carbs. Well, almost no carbs to be fair. Your diet consists of meat and vegetables, thus getting an average of 5% carbs for your daily food intake. I am always interested to improve my health, and I have felt like I always seem to come back to the free and easy methods, such as “Keto” or fasting.

I did not think much about it before I started, I just started with the guidance of my Oversoul. The first thing I understood was that sugar is a powerful molecule, from day one to day three, I felt very much like an addict who were getting of drugs. That is because sugar very much affects you like other heavy drugs do, and since I have been a lifelong addict, it took some willpower to get through those first few days. It takes about 3-5 days, depending on your activities, before you have exhausted all the glycogen in your liver and your muscles. So the body will burn all its glucose before you go into the state that is called Ketosis. Basically, it is when your brain switches from using glucose, to using something called Ketons, which the liver converts from fat. That is how your body functions when you are fasting, accept now you adapt your diet to have that effect.

As some of you know, I am bodybuilding and powerlifting, so performance is important for me. And I can tell you that the first days I was weak as shit, it literarily felt like I was shrinking in front of the mirror. In fact I was, you see for every gram of carbs your body hold, it is bound to 3-4 grams of water. So my muscles just disappeared, that is a scary thing when you have spent a lot of time building up your body, but I trusted in Source and I kept going. I have heard that you will lose some of your strength when you are running on fat, that is BS. Strength comes from the mind, not sugar OK! I was at the gym coaching a friend of mine, and we were squating. He accidentally put to much weight on the bar, and I accidentally did one repetition of my personal record. So Oversoul proved to me that I was just as strong as before.

You are going to experience the same symptoms as you do when fasting, this is called the “Keto Flu”. Detoxification symptoms like, headache, nausea, moodiness, fatigue, etc. But when your body understands that no carbs are coming, it gives up and you will experience a very stable energy level. It took me about 7 days to get there. In my experience, what we refer to as “hunger”, is in my opinion sugar cravings. When your body runs on fat, you use your body like it is supposed to function, thus not being “hungry” all the time. The only time I feel like my energy levels are low, is after training. I get like a down period of an hour or two, where my body simply needs to catch up from the heavy workload I have been doing. My mental focus is so much stronger and clearer since I don’t have anything to run out of (sugar), and I can study with higher intensity for longer periods of time, Awesome!

Notice that I haven’t mentioned weight loss as a reason or purpose for this diet, of course it will make you lose weight. You will build muscle like a Hulk, since you ingest so much fat and protein, you have the perfect conditions for your hormones to work as they should be, also having a low insulin level has a ton of benefits. All the fibers from the veggies makes your gut very happy. And most important for me, I feel better! You have no idea what sugar does to your body until you run out of it, that is starchy food spiking your insulin levels, that later makes you store fat and become tired. I must say I am surprised by my results. However, a lot of toxins are stored in the fat, thus burning that old fat you have been hanging on to, will give you days when you feel sick. It is the same feeling you have when you are doing longer fasts, you have to learn the difference between low energy and detoxification, there is a difference.

The plan is to go one month and later evaluate how I feel and perform. But remember, this isn’t a “diet” in the sense of length or weight goals. It should be seen as a way of eating, common sense more precise. You are not in danger without those carbs, you will not be hurt by using your stored fat. However, like I mentioned, detox will occur. Between day 7 to day12, I was a rockstar, I was doing PR’s every workout. Now I have experienced a lot of detoxification, I am having these awful poops, exactly like “breaking the fast poops”, stuff is being released and it has to come out. I am not to worried though I have gone through this many times when fasting. I think if hundred people went on this diet, you would have a hundred different experiences, every body is different. But when I asked my Oversoul why I was having this experience, I simply got the words “You are healing” come into my mind. That made me confident.

I am not going to encourage anyone to do anything since it doesn’t work like that. If you want to try something that works, improve your health and mental focus. Do what you think is the most beneficial for you at that time with the guidance of your Oversoul. Remember, Source First. This is what I did.

To be continued…

Top Dog or Underdog?

I have not written a post in a while and felt it was time to do so. I imagine people who reads this, are already into Self Development and hopefully Hyperspace work. So you know about the vast amount of layers we are made of, when we think we are at our peak, we look up and see another one yet unclimbed. This is to me the purpose of living. Not to collect peaks, but to realize there are infinite ways to climb the same peak. They said in the 80’s that Rock n Roll was dead, yet there are bands touring all over the world, making new recordings and so on. As long as there is a need for the experience, it will be available. When the Second world war ended, people never thought there would be war again, peace was won. We all know how long that lasted… 

The first time I ever stepped into a gym, was with my Father, 12 years ago, I was 15 at the time. And this extreme environment of men and woman, growling and sweating, training their muscles to grow big and strong, was something that filled me with curiosity. At that time I wasn’t into Hyperspace and Oversoul work, and I experienced the gym as a place where size mattered. But over the years I started to peel the onion of the gym world. I saw the ugly side of steroid use and never being big enough, I saw people that made the gym their home because they couldn’t cope with the outside, I saw myself in others, I saw people do amazing things. The funny thing is that I still see the same things today when I walk into the gym, but I have a different pair of eyes. I see all these people making conscious decisions to become better versions of themselves. There are of course some that are more successful than others, physically speaking. But what all of them has in common, including me, is that it is all about the mental part of the experience. If you want to compete in fitness, you are forced to compare your body to others, it is what it is. If you want to experience that, there are a prize you have to pay, by not being good enough for the judges. This is in my mind, destroys a lot of people from reaching their OWN best potential. The only judge we should have, is the one inside our mind. So if we can’t accept ourselves, leaving that up to somebody else, we will fall into destruction of our own self value.

This not only applies to fitness, it applies to everything we do in life. But I feel it is very clear to see the point in my example. The top two bodybuilders in the world are Phil Heath and Kai Greene. Phil Heath has six Mr. Olympia titles and Kai Greene has none. The Champion looks down upon the world, defending his title year by year, the top dog is still hungry, and there is nothing anyone can do to push him of his throne, that is his reality. Kai depicts himself as the Underdog, luring in the background, and as long as Phil is competing, he will never reach his goal to become Mr. Olympia, that is his reality. But when i look at the two of them, i see one man who accept his reality, and one who doesn’t. Both of them has accomplished extraordinary things with their bodies, what amazing mind patterns they both have. But Phil is the Champion, Kai is not. Kai is bitter over being number two in the world, he can’t accept that, he makes all these comments on the Champion not being worthy and so on. Being the second best in the world is more then most bodybuilders never achieve in their careers, yet he keeps depicting himself as the Underdog that one day will kill the Top Dog. And the question I am asking is: Is it not enough to be the best dog you can be? If we work hard at our endeavors, and make our absolute best, how is that not ever enough? Why do anyone need to be the best at anything, if he or she is not in his or hers own mind, the best that they can be? Ask yourself if you are judging yourself by comparing to others, most likely you are, I AM TOO! (sometimes;)) Am i the best parent in the world, or am i the best parent i can be. Am i the wealthiest or do i have everything i need to live a good life. Neither Top Dog or Underdog, be the best you can be. 

I have been trying different sports for a while, running, mountain biking, Crossfit, etc. But now I am back at the gym which I resented and judged for a long time, without realizing I was resenting and judging myself! It feels amazing to be lifting again, I didn’t realize I missed it until I started again. I am focused on my workout, planning it and watching videos and reading to improve my knowledge. But most of all, I am enjoying myself, gym time is my time, building bigger and stronger muscles to balance my bigger and stronger mental muscles. As above so below. Everybody should go to the gym or do strength exercises in my opinion, you can’t be to weak, to skinny, to big or to old, that is self sabotage. Now days there are gyms that fits everyone. I want to help people who have little or no experience of gym training, take the step and start lifting. I want people to realize that they have the power to change themselves into the best they can be with the power of their minds, the training is just a physical representation of that. Feel free to send me an email or leave a comment below. The journey of a thousand miles, starts with a single step.

Why are people in science, arrogant assholes?

I guess my headline gives you a hint what this post will bring up, but i think you have felt the same way in many different situations. I have been studying Mathematics for about two years now and as i mentioned in my previous post, i have been accepted into a Bachelors Program in Mathematics. That makes me feel very proud and like i am going to shit in my pants at the same time, a very strange feeling to say the least. Mathematics is a pissing contest, there is no way around that. It has been a way to measure ones intelligence for ages, and that attracts a certain kind of mind patterns. Now, i don’t mean this in a general way, most people, like me, just want to learn more about this fascinating language of the Universe, and couldn’t care less about competing for “who is the smartest”. The last year i have studied from home, sending in my tests and missions to a web-based education program. So i have been in charge of my own education, and it has been my responsibility to learn what i need to know. This is most times very frustrating, because i can’t just ask someone, i have to send emails and be active on forums and such, Youtube by the way, is a gift from God!

And what i have noticed is that people don’t want to share what they know. My unwittingness makes the ones i ask feel smart and superior. It is almost like they enjoy my struggle. This make me furious at times, but it also makes me trust in Source to bring the knowledge to me. I would argue that the scientific community, is one the most closed off communities, tied with the banking world. Why is that?

Well for starters, i think the isolation is engineered. It makes the ones inside the community one step ahead of the masses. Growing up in a non educated family, i was raised under the impression that scientist are almost genetically superior to everyone else, like they have a biological advantage, and that is the reason they are so smart. This imprinting has been one of my greatest obstacles. And i believed i have lifted the veil to the whole myth of science.

Math is a muscle, and yes you can have a more favorable genetics to build that muscle. Same as not anyone that goes to the gym, can look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. With that said, there is layers beneath the top echelon of talent and genetics. It comes down to pressure and time. How much focus are you motivated to spend learning something. You can spend a higher concentration of focus in a less amount of time, and vice versa. Obviously, high pressure over a great amount of time makes a diamond, adding talent to that makes something very special.

Assuming that everyone knows what you know is a big mistake no matter where you are in life, as Janet says, it makes an ASS of U and ME. And that is often the case when i reach out about a Math problem. I get these arrogant comments and at times they get to me and i feel stupid. Like Math doesn’t do that well on its own! But i remember PERSEVERANCE. I just keep the same pressure on my focus, eventually i crack the problem, and all of a sudden i understand, it takes time. The education system is a contest, that is why we have winners and losers. But this doesn’t apply to life, in life it doesn’t matter if you scored high on a test, if you can’t apply your knowledge to reality, your test result is irrelevant. Einstein was an awful student, he wrote his famous papers while working at a patent office, not as a professional scientist. I would argue he did pretty well for himself. He ended up as a Professor at Princeton.

This is something we face in everything we endeavor.

Do you have these same experiences?

Do get angry when someone doesn’t give you the answer?

Do you trust in Source to provide the right answer at the right time?


The Tiler who became a Mathematician.

Today i worked my last day on the fast-food restaurant. It was a day filled with highs and lows, people who treated me like shit, and people who were polite and nice to me. I treated them all the same. I observed the frequency behind the face, and gave them the best service i could. Working with people must be the hardest thing in the world, it is almost impossible not to be affected. But i have done my best at that job, and i think it is because of that, God gave me the perfect job for me, at the salmon-restaurant.

When i came home i checked my emails, and one of them stood out from the rest to say the least. It was from Lund University, congratulating me for being accepted into the Bachelor’s Program in Mathematics. It was surreal. I accepted the offer right away, and all of a sudden my dreams became true. When i began this journey, by quitting my job at my Fathers company as a Tiler, i would have never in my mind guessed that i would study Mathematics at the best University in Northern Europe. But here i am.

The work is far from done, but i am at a landmark that i will celebrate for a long time, or until i start at the University. I am prepared to work harder than i have done in the past. But i will do something i have grown to love, i will create my future and spend my days with people that has the same interest. It is a strange feeling, getting what you want. I feel so balanced now days, but to just think of my journey is more than enough for me.

First of all, i would like to thank Janet Swerdlow. This woman has from across the Atlantic Ocean, inspired, mentored, taught, and gave me more help than anyone in my life have ever given me. She has been my Northern Star trough this whole journey, and i am pretty sure that things would have been different, hasn’t she been there with her wisdom. Thank you Janet, you are the wisest human being i know, i am forever grateful.

What do you think of when you think of a Mathematician?

What are you relationship with Mathematics?

Do some of you have similar experiences, getting what you want?

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