Forest fiires

There is a huge fire close to where I live Brianhead in Utah, and the environmentalists are being blamed by the right for not allowing logging or thinning out trees even though some guy got a burn permit and was burning on his land. Some say the heat.. What is the true cause of most forest fires? Thanks

Programming vs OS dreams

From what I've learned here, OS dreams involve nature, any type of natural setting. Programming dreams involve non natural (man made) settings. Like dreams involving a house with lots of rooms (compartments), or a shopping mall (lots of separate stores). Am I correct?

Peristalic motion in colon

Stewart, might there be any supplements other than Dr. Christopher's Quick Colon that might get the peristalic motion moving in the colon again? If I see one more Grapenut I will scream. Thank You.

Pet Cat

What is the mind pattern for a cat that disappeared? It was most likely eaten by another animal. Could this mean something aggressive has attacked/ended something deceptive?
My family is pretty upset that their beloved cat is now gone. I'm trying to look at the deeper meaning behind this, it's so sad to loose a pet.
Thanks Stewart.

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