Skin issues

Any suggestions about how to calm overactive skin? My skin is sensitive to just about everything-light, medications etc. I’m always breaking out and have strange bumps appear and disappear etc. just recently I had a chunk of skin removed due to cancer. My mentor/therapist said skin issues relate to childhood issues or puere-don’t remember how to spell jungian term.

David Cassidy Death

Hi Stewart,
I am trying to figure out what David Cassidy's death, or "The Partridge Family" is to signify other than the Thanksgiving Holiday? Thank you for your insight.

Gene sight testing

There is a testing some company is encouraging their employees to get to see if their body recognizes folate and if they have a condition called MTHFR C677T. Have you heard of this?

Varicose veins

Hi Stewart and Janet

What is the mind pattern behind such veins, a thick one on the calf of the right leg and a thin one on the back of the left leg's ankle?


Keep up the good work 🙂

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