Stewart A. Swerdlow discusses the tremors underneath Lake Mead and the possible destruction of the dam there, along with news of recent deaths in Las Vegas. Also covered are volcanic reports in the Canary Islands, Iceland, and elsewhere. Stewart has insider info on a special report about possible medical sabotage of a scientist working on a top secret project in Antarctica.


Expansions presents raw, uncut, never-before-seen footage of recent excursions into the Camp Hero base on Montauk, Long Island. Video sent in by brave Expansions readers.

Here is a blurb written by the narrator:

“The documentarian is a longtime Expansions reader and friend of Stewart Swerdlow. Following a series of kundalini activations in his early 20s’ he became obsessed with the occult & paranormal; in particular Aleister Crowley and Nikola Tesla. Very soon thereafter, he found himself constructing an elaborate evocation mirror per the conjuring book The Lesser Key of Solomon or Goetia. His demon conjuring experiments (not surprisingly) resulted in an astral mess that took many years to clean up.

“Following these experiences, he devoured the ‘channeled’ Pleiadian work of Barbara Marciniak, Barbara Hand Clow, and Ashayana Deane. After reading Cathy O’Brien’s Trance Formation of America he became very, very paranoid and (briefly) ceased all study of mind control. From there he read David Icke’s books and finally found the work of Stewart and Janet Swerdlow. He shadowed the Expansions site for years but attempted no contact. Then at the tail end of almost a decade of traumatic blackout experiences he began finding notes written ‘to him’ during these amnesic episodes. Among the words he consistently found in these notes was ‘Montauk’. This led him to seek help through an e-consultation with Stewart in August of 2009 which culminated in the long overdue visit to Montauk / Camp Hero in September of 2011.”

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