• Do YOU love Hyperspace/Oversoul?
    • Do YOU want to delve in where others fear to tread?
    • Do YOU like the adventure that unknown, unexplored territory brings?
    • Do YOU want to spend more one-on-one time with Janet & Stewart?
    • Are YOU willing to share your own unique ideas and findings?
    • Are YOU open to implementing new ideas in the quest for Truth?


Then Expansions’ “OMG 2017” is Perfect for YOU!


Be prepared to dig deep into the nitty gritty, meat & bones of Your Personal Work!

Dig Deep, Work Hard/Laugh Hard
Gain a New Understanding of Your True Self, Your Universe & Your Role in It!

Prepare NOW to Get the Most Out of Your Week:

Read these books

  • “Hyperspace Helper”,
  • “Decoding Your Life”
  • “The Healers Handbook”
  • Hyperspace Plus”

We also recommend you read these books to extend your knowledge:

  • “Blue Blood, True Blood”,
  • “13 Cubed”
  • “True Reality of Sexuality”.
  • “True World History, Humanities Saga”

These are the most important videos to watch via Expansions Video Channel:

  • Hyperspace Oversoul Basics,
  • Advanced Hyperspace Oversoul & Deprogramming Techniques,

Watching the videos below will also increase what you get from the class:

  • True World History I & II,
  • History of Mind Control,
  • Mind Control & Programming I &2,
  • Triad of Healing,
  • Survivor Surpasser,
  • Interdimensional Existences,
  • Kuiper Belt Connection

What an Opportunity to Learn and Advance YOUR Hyperspace Oversoul Skills For Perfect, Personal Spiritual Support & Guidance at the Highest Levels!

 Oversoul Mastermind Special Group is Truly INVALUABLE !!!

~ The More You Interact – The More YOU Get Out of It! ~

ALL of this for ONLY $395 per month!

$4,400 if paid in full.

 *Please Note: There are no refunds on monies paid in. There may be an 8% late payment fee assessed on delinquent payments

** Details subject to change

 Oversoul Mastermind Group 2017

** Again, You Must be a Member of OMG 1st and in addition to your OMG Membership,   You Must be Approved by Janet & Stewart to participate in these opportunities.




·         “Hyperspace Helper”

·          “Decoding Your Life”

·         “Blue Blood, True Blood”

·         “Healers Handbook”

·          “Hyperspace Plus”

·          “History of Mind Control”

·         “True Reality of Sexuality”

·         “13 Cubed”

·          “True World History: Humanity’s Saga”

·    “ Hyperspace Oversoul Basics”
·    “Advanced Hyperspace Oversoul Techniques
·   “True World History I & II”
·   “Triad of Healing”
·    “Mind Control & Programming 1 & 2”
·   Simultaneous Existences”
·    “Interdimensional Existences”
·    “Kuiper Belt Connection”
And watch other videos as they are available on:Expansions Video Channel

Please Note:

Please Note:
You must apply for acceptance into OMG.

Completing the prerequisite work is required, but does not guarantee acceptance.

Time to get started NOW – When you have completed the prerequisite work, including “HYPERSPACE OVERSOUL EXTRAVAGANZA”, please contact Patricia for an application for OMG 2017

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