Hello, I’m Narelle Carter,

I’ve been an Oversoul Mastermind Group  member of Expansions for 2 years and have immersed myself in everything that they offer. This has enabled me to grow and develop MySelf enormously! I’ve been a teacher, counsellor and am currently an aromatherapist with a deep understanding of essential oils, which I can also use with radionics, color and archetypes.

I’ve come from debilitating illness and have healed MySelf .  It is my passion to assist YOU to do the same!

Purchase your consultation and arrange an appointment with Narelle by filling out the contact form below.  I look forward to speaking with you, soon!


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Narelle’s Blog

being with family

Being back in Melbourne I’m able to spend time with my parents most days. This is a massive change in direction for me as I have spent much of my life trying to escape them. They are both ailing in different ways and so I’m making sure I spend as much time as is...

Change is here for all

The more I talk with people the more I’m hearing similar stories. There is much fear being felt, people are overwhelmed by all that’s going on, others are ready for and wanting change. Well, this is all accurate for what’s going on this year. 2011 is all about New...

not just any ginger!

Did you know that there are 2 types of ginger essential oil? I didn't until dōTERRA released their fresh ginger essential oil. It was expensive and for a while I was reluctant to purchase it. That was until I discovered that they both have different properties and I...

looking to the past to heal in the now

I have long been uncomfortable about crying, especially when people are around. It was just a few months ago that I remembered my mother pressing my face into her soft body so forcefully I couldn't breath. I used to think this was an accident and that she would...

Maladies of the Brain

Brain function is an interest of mine as I am personally aware of the various maladies that can occur and how many of them can be assisted. Brain fog, difficulties with memory, concentration, focus, ADHD, dementia, stroke, cognitive issues… the list goes on. Do you...

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