Mind pattern for attracting a ghost. moved into another apartment. late at night i hear above me on second floor chairs moving around. i talk to the land lord. he told me many tenants leave the apartments because of strange noises at night. they get tired of it. two of my neighbors are complaining about it already. what is the mind pattern for attracting ghosts.

Tuning Forks

Hi Stewart, I am inspired by Janet's Toning and have tuning forks that I would like to use. (Holding them for years) Do you approve of using these for self healing. If so, do you have any suggestions for further information on correct use,…Thank You!

Chakra Colors

Hi Stewart, while Bellydancing I communicate with OS and energetically saw what I can best describe as “balls of light” at each Chakra up the entire spine. The colors were correct but they did not encircle the body as when I spin them. Can I ask what this would mean? Thank You

Ensconsed in Gold

Hi Stewart:
Today while I was working with OS, I had a column of a sparkling gold cylinder encase my body. It was shimmering and it felt empowering. Can you explain what happened? Thank You.

Name equivalent

I want to buy a necklace with my name in Hebrew.
Which is better the English equivalent in Hebrew block letters, or a Hebrew name that means the same as my own?.
I don't know a Rabbi so I thought I ask you for a suggestion 🙂

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