Muhheahkunnuk- Mohican name for the Hudson River meaning ‘River that flows both ways’.

Muhheahkunnuk- Mohican name for the Hudson River meaning ‘River that flows both ways’.

Using the Hudson River as a focal point to explore color, shape, and feeling I imagined time traveling back to when the New York river was known as Muhheahkunnuk. I grew up 11 miles east of the Hudson river, where some of the Wappinger tribe would have called home in the 1600’s. I visualized the spreading smoke of fires blowing either from food preparation and warmth or the result of war and upheaval. The smoke and/or clouds in many of these paintings can represent either life or death. The semi abstract, dream like quality of color represents a mingling of various times in the history of the landscape. It recalls how a place can bear witness to the constant positive and negative states of human beings and still hold its neutrality and beauty.

Carving the Path of Home, 2017

Time Travel; Muhheahkunnuk, 2017

Emotion; Ebb and Flow, 2017

Paths; In Between Mountains, 2017

Change; ‘Great Waters In Constant Motion’, 2017

Time Travel; Wappinger, 2017


‘River that flows both ways’ can compare to the ebb and flow of positive and negative, our own tidal waters of emotions that pass between us and our Source,  and the neutral beauty of All That Is.

Alison Hilary



‘Perspective’ 2.25.17

Sometimes our lives feel like a series of sudden events that keep us from exploring our true purpose. Take time today to stop and give yourself some distance from your challenges. Perspective is a key to opening the doors into a closer relationship with our current direction.



The Value of Our Pets

The Value of Our Pets

Birdee 2016 by Alison Hilary Corbalis

Stewart and Janet have taught through the years about the importance of our pets as a boost to our physical selves and our mind patterns. I recommend viewing the advanced learning videos about Non Human Energy Chakra Systems and Non Human Communication. You can find them on the Advanced Learning Channel. I have learned a great deal about how my pets have served me well through the years, going beyond giving me unconditional love and happiness!

Tell me about your pets. Did you have a pet that you knew there was more going on than what society may deem ‘normal’? My cat is named Birdee 🙂 When she was little she was found high up in a tree and she jumped into my friend’s arms like a bird. I have been together with her for over 13 years. She is highly intelligent, definitely knows English. and has quite a personality.

Last year I became extremely sick and went into a ‘healing crisis’ after a trip to the acupuncturist. I shook and had a high fever, could not sleep, and thought I was going to die for a week straight. I had never experienced anything like this before. It was a major energetic release started by the accupuncture treatment and a release in which I lost control of due to my inexperience. My liver began dumping toxins that my body could not handle. About a day before my symptoms started Birdee began to get sick. We had exactly the same symptoms of tremendous body shudders, lack of sleep, and fever. I truly believe that she was brunting a large portion of my sickness. After a week we finally began to calm and were able to eat and sleep once again.

She is an amazing hero in my life. Here she is at the age of 6 in an acrylic painting I did of her not too long ago:

One of the most satisfying commission projects I do as an artist is pet portraits. I can create your pet’s likeness in watercolor, acrylic, or oil paint. Many times people come to me after their pets have passed and they are looking for a way to memorialize them. Commissioning a pet portrait is a wonderful way to keep your beloved pet near. Check out my website and learn more about Pet Portraits by Alison and the easy process of commissioning me to create a pet portrait for you or for a loved one.


Stepping into 2017 and New Beginnings

Stepping into 2017 and New Beginnings

Hello Everyone! I AM celebrating my new website launching today!

Creating my website was HUGE for me. It allowed me to put into words how I want my Self to unfold in the next few years. It is a way to appreciate my past and a way to introduce how I see mySelf now.

In the ‘Metaphysical Art’ section I am displaying a new series of digital photographs that I began overlaying images and digitally painting in 2016.



‘Imaging’, a digital photograph I made mid 2016, is a reflection on my process of exploring the concepts and metaphysics that I learn through Expansions. The image shows the hyperspace colors as well as the programming aspects that are within and around me, aspects that I will be writing and exploring more in depth on this blog.

I am aware that I AM a work in progress, which  relates to how I view my new website launch, because I know my work is only beginning. Launching my website has brought out excitement but also fear as well as my internal bully, as I ‘put myself out there’. I have been releasing all this inner dialogue of the ‘old support system’ which has negativley supported me, and focussing my attention on my new positive support system. My old support system berated, doubted, and made fun. My new support system moves past that and into awareness, compassion, and upward growth into new areas of mySelf.

I invite you to share in my journey. I believe my artwork and writings are a way to bring fellowship to our shared experiences, to shed light on topics we all may or may not consciously see.

I will be exploring more in depth the symbolic meanings of colors in future blog posts so please friend me on Facebook @Alison Hilary Corbalis for updates and information.

You can also follow @Expansions and @LoveMoneyandPurpose on Facebook for more updates from Expansions and from our team of experts at Love Money and Purpose.

Please visit my new website:

Let me know what you think and tell me how your New Beginnings of 2017 are unfolding by replying below.


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