Stepping into 2017 and New Beginnings

Stepping into 2017 and New Beginnings

Hello Everyone! I AM celebrating my new website launching today!

Creating my website was HUGE for me. It allowed me to put into words how I want my Self to unfold in the next few years. It is a way to appreciate my past and a way to introduce how I see mySelf now.

In the ‘Metaphysical Art’ section I am displaying a new series of digital photographs that I began overlaying images and digitally painting in 2016.



‘Imaging’, a digital photograph I made mid 2016, is a reflection on my process of exploring the concepts and metaphysics that I learn through Expansions. The image shows the hyperspace colors as well as the programming aspects that are within and around me, aspects that I will be writing and exploring more in depth on this blog.

I am aware that I AM a work in progress, which  relates to how I view my new website launch, because I know my work is only beginning. Launching my website has brought out excitement but also fear as well as my internal bully, as I ‘put myself out there’. I have been releasing all this inner dialogue of the ‘old support system’ which has negativley supported me, and focussing my attention on my new positive support system. My old support system berated, doubted, and made fun. My new support system moves past that and into awareness, compassion, and upward growth into new areas of mySelf.

I invite you to share in my journey. I believe my artwork and writings are a way to bring fellowship to our shared experiences, to shed light on topics we all may or may not consciously see.

I will be exploring more in depth the symbolic meanings of colors in future blog posts so please friend me on Facebook @Alison Hilary Corbalis for updates and information.

You can also follow @Expansions and @LoveMoneyandPurpose on Facebook for more updates from Expansions and from our team of experts at Love Money and Purpose.

Please visit my new website:

Let me know what you think and tell me how your New Beginnings of 2017 are unfolding by replying below.


2017 Lifting Veils

2017 Lifting Veils

I think many of us are continuing to lift the multitude of veils that have surrounded us since birth. 2017 seems to empower and welcome us to do so with courage and clarity. With our questions and observations, we drive our Selves closer to a more conscious connection to Source. We peal back each layer and see True Reality as is.

I made this watercolor a few days ago. I started it and was unable to get the face how I wanted so I erased it with water and let it dry over night. The next night I worked on the face again and it appeared quickly with her face so questioning and inquisitive. Then I painted the veil which I believe represents seeing a new layer and new knowledge.

What new knowledge have you been unveiling to yourself in this new year?

Lifting-the-veil-20172017 Lifting the Veil  Alison Hilary Corbalis   Watercolor


Observing Self as a Daily Practice

When I started to consciously observe my actions and reactions to everyday events, I began to create a catalogue of how I operate and how I create my future world with each thought. I saw how I repeated behaviors which directly caused much of my discomfort with my life. Because I was the one in the ‘thick of it’ I could not see these patterns until I took the time to slow down and really take apart each moment and share with others for feedback. I began to find out exactly why I was having such a challenge with creativity, relationships, and career.

Defining these blocks have been a process that I have worked through and shared on the blogs for several years now. As the beginning of 2017 unfolds, I look forward to focusing on continuing to surpass my illusions of limitation and grow a practice of helping others to explore their own journey into Self together.

I AM working on releasing the need to worry and isolate. I AM reinforcing my need to share and find common ground with others. I can choose to worry or I can choose to grow a support system that is uplifting.
What habits do you have that you think may be negatively affecting your everyday life?
What positive habits do you have that you would like to reinforce and grow stronger?
What are your wishes for 2017?

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