My Journey Is Just Beginning

My name is Ruben Kelk Mager.
After meeting my higher self over 7 years ago my life would never be the same, in a good way. Among many amazing changes that were set in motion, I Started to remember my past lives that had brought me to where I was at that very moment! My chakra kundalini energy was explosive! I needed guidance and truth no matter hard it was to hear. Very thankfully that is when I found Stewart and Janet. With the Oversoul and Hyperspace methodologies pioneered by this couple, I was able to grasp my newly found self in place of personal power that no other person or practise came close to offering. I always seek to touch the lives of people in an uplifting manner. In many ways I feel like my journey is just beginning and I wish to sojourn side by side with all of you.

A Completely Different Life

A year ago from today, I was doing absolutely nothing with my life, other than getting high. I felt hopeless and had given up many of my goals, goals that had cemented my focus. It felt like I was walking in a dark abyss, as everything had already fallen apart. Crushed dreams seemed to be all that I had.

A year later, I’m living in a place I didn’t even knew existed at the time, I have a job, am going to college, and have a beautiful support system.

Within one year I created a completely different life, in a place I’ve never lived before and wasn’t even aware of. A complete 180. It makes me wonder how different life will be at the end of this year. You never truly know.

Almost every day, an excitement and clarity guides and grows within me, it is a new essence, one almost alien to me. Whatever events unfold ‘out there’, I am feeling deeply optimistic about this year – another foreign concept for me to digest. I’ve come to realize that as long as I focus on garnering my knowledge, strength and focus and peace, I will become those points of attention.

Hello I’m Michael

I have been with Expansions since I was 18. I work in IT, as well as Massage Therapy, and have designed and make Radionics for Expansions. I am a dreamer. I am Greek American, or as I prefer Cretan American, my father’s side is from the island Crete. Walking through the path of self-awareness and mind expansion is not always an easy one. I look forward to help on your path. I know you can do it.

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